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    Meet Arlington’s ‘Sing-Along Sound of Music’ emcee

    Leland Stein leads the event at the Regent Theatre, but it’s the audience’s antics that always steal the show.

    Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

    The Sing-Along Sound of Music is an interactive event. It’s like The Rocky Horror Picture Show for families. We encourage everyone to cheer every time Maria comes on screen, boo the Nazis, and hiss when the baroness appears. There are no real rules.

    This year’s extra special because it’s the 50th anniversary of the release of the film musical. The main thing that we’re going to do that we haven’t always done before is to have the staff come in costume. Everyone from the ushers to the box office manager to the concession workers will be wearing some kind of costume. This will be the first time that I’ll be in costume. I’m going to be Captain von Trapp.

    [Audience members get] a perform-along fun pack, which has different objects to interact with various scenes. One of the things in the fun pack is a party popper. Everybody pulls the string at the same time for dramatic effect when the Captain and Maria kiss for the first time. The moment their lips touch, you pull the string. It’s quite a spectacle to hear all the party poppers going off. There’s a swath of cloth in everybody’s pack, and in the scene where Maria wants to get the kids new clothing, we instruct everybody to help Maria discover the curtains in her room by waving the swath, so everybody waves that and she realizes she can make the clothes for the kids out of the curtains.


    Going to the movies [isn’t] the big deal that it once was. This harkens back to that time and provides a real opportunity for a family to enjoy an event together. When you’re in a big theater and experiencing something that everybody knows and loves, it creates a special energy that you can’t capture any other way.  

    DON YOUR LEDERHOSENSing-Along Sound of Music runs December 25-29 at the Regent Theatre in Arlington. For more information, go to