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Daniel Tewfik.
Daniel Tewfik.
Jennifer Conway.
Jennifer Conway.

DANIEL TEWFIK: 26 / startup founder

What makes him a catch: Smart, intense, passionate

When he is happiest: Cycling downhill on a summer evening

JENNIFER CONWAY: 27 / real estate associate

Her perfect mate: Creative, smart, and business savvy

What makes her a catch: Adventurous and open to new experiences



Daniel I’ve never been on a blind date, so it was interesting to be thrown into one. The lack of ability to look up the person on social media was a new feeling.

Jennifer My brother told me about a co-worker who had done [Cupid], and I decided to check it out. I love to try new restaurants, so it seemed like a great opportunity.


Daniel I did get a little lost.

Jennifer I was late leaving work and ran home and scrambled to get ready.

Daniel [She was] very pretty. I don’t think I was what she was expecting.

Jennifer When I first saw Daniel, I thought he was very cute. He fit in perfectly in the [restaurant’s] relaxed vibe.


Daniel We [both] bike, work in real estate (she works for an institution, and I created a startup for real estate). We’re both from New Jersey. We both love the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Jennifer We shared the famous chicken and some small plates and sides. The grilled oysters were amazing, as was the roasted carrot side dish.

Daniel She was really into the string cheese on this simple salty salad. The cheese, often served with family breakfasts growing up, was a great talking point.

Jennifer When he explained how his family had a thing for Armenian string cheese, it showed an interest in food and family that I found appealing.

Daniel We talked a lot about modern dating and culture around that.


Jennifer Daniel put me at ease right away. I liked him more and more as we talked; we were able to laugh and have fun.

Daniel We actually shared our deal breakers, and it seems like the other doesn’t have it. Her deal breaker was someone who smokes (not a thing I do). My deal breaker was a non-adventurous diner (not a thing she does either). [I was] shocked she hates PB&J. Who hates PB&J?

Jennifer I felt like there was chemistry. We had a good time laughing, especially over how I ate my dessert.


Daniel I think once we delved into conversation, we concluded that it was at least not NOT going to work out.

Jennifer We were at the restaurant for a long time, but it flew by. It was late, but he suggested we stop by a gallery he saw on the way in. It sounded interesting, so we peeked in, but it was closed.

Daniel The Arsenal in Watertown has basically nothing around it. An awful date spot if you want to do anything after dinner.

Jennifer He was a true gentleman and called me an Uber to make sure I got home safe. We said good night and I got in the car.


Daniel We had fun.

Jennifer I had a great time, so we’ll see!


Daniel / A

Jennifer / A

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