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Blind date: Will their shared appreciation for beer fall flat?

He has a Kegerator and she’s a brewery tour guide. Will they toast this pairing?

Tim Barry-Heffernan.

TIM BARRY-HEFFERNAN: 23 / software engineer

First thing people notice in his home: Kegerator

His ideal mate: Would be some sort of health care expert

MAURA O'CONNOR: 23 / graduate student / part-time brewery guide

On a desert island, she'd bring: Harry Potter, pocket knife, steel wool

Who plays her in the movie: Amy Schumer

7 P.M. Precinct Kitchen + Bar, Boston


Tim I had been using various dating apps with no success, and my roommate suggested I try Dinner with Cupid.

Maura O’Connor.

Maura I've always wanted to go on a blind date, which is really hard in this day and age of technology.


Tim Before the date, I listened to music in the car. I was really nervous. Music does a good job of focusing me.

Maura I watched Netflix and took a shower. He was there when I arrived.

Tim Maura was very cute. She gave me a hug, which caught me off guard, but was a very nice gesture.

Maura He was taller than me, which was good. He greeted me with a smile.


Tim Maura studies physical therapy, works at the Sam Adams Brewery, is from Chicago, loves to read and cook.

Maura Tim went to Harvard, was in the marching band, and has been turned into an "overexcited Harvard band kid" meme. He asked about my holidays and what I did, so I told him all about my trip to Europe to visit my sister.

Tim We discussed Europe for a bit. Maura has certainly seen more of it than I have. We both had a strong appreciation for beer and both had similar living situations (a ton of roommates).

Maura We both have a musical background. I used to play the trumpet and piano and he plays the drums.


Tim The food was excellent. I ordered a roasted chicken with fingerling potatoes.

Maura I ordered a shrimp pasta dish, which was delicious. I also got a cocktail called the "Nor'easter," which had bourbon and ginger, and a lava cake for dessert.


Tim We both run, although Maura left me in the dust on that one (she's run the Chicago Marathon). Maura was more active than I am, so it was a little difficult finding topics that would relate to both of us.

Maura I love to travel and he's only left the US once; I love to read and he hasn't read a book in two years. I love trying adventurous things and he is more of a homebody. On the weekends he codes and I go on hikes around Boston.

Tim The chemistry dwindled around the time we ordered. I got the impression Maura was losing interest. We were struggling to continue talking.

Maura He is a very nice and friendly guy. As the night went on, I found we had less in common. He told me that his opening line for online dating sites was correcting grammar mistakes that the other person had made in their profile, which wasn't really my cup of tea.

Tim We were ready to call it a night.

Maura We didn't do anything after dinner.


Tim Unfortunately, no. We didn't exchange any information.

Maura No. I think we were on the same page.



Tim / A

Maura / B

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