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I grew up in Miami, which is the club capital. I grew up having fun and partying, so I was inspired to teach these classes because I thought if I could bring that to my workout, it would be more fun. We do the party atmosphere, and the music is bumping.

When the DJ is playing live, part of what’s so cool is that it’s not someone pressing stop and start. Most of the class is improvisation — the DJ is mixing live music, and sometimes I’m completely surprised by what he picks. We keep the beats per minute very high so we’re moving at a consistently fast pace, which keeps the class exciting. I’m thinking on my feet constantly. The songs are not predictable — one of the songs playing in our class [recently] is Beyonce’s “Formation”; we have “Braveheart,” by Neon Jungle, and even something as diverse as “Better When I’m Dancin’ ” by Meghan Trainor. We have about 100 moves in our vocabulary, so as a client, it’s really easy to catch on even halfway through our first class. It’s more pattern-based dance moves. It feels more like a rave or dance club than a 1-2-1-2 Broadway dance class. I want people to walk away feeling freedom, joy, optimism, empowerment. If you’re older and want to bring your kid, it’s fun to do. It’s a great bonding activity.


We knew Boston is a young city that’s energetic, and more importantly, there’s nothing else like this in the city. It’s a very professional city, but when I see people out after work at bars or happy hours, people want to let loose. That’s why I’m excited — it definitely embodies that “work hard, play hard” attitude that Bostonians have.

GET DOWN Kurzban’s company, 305 Fitness, expands beyond New York and Washington, D.C., to Boston in April with classes at David Barton Gym at 50 Park Plaza. For information, visit 305fitness.com.


This story has been updated to add the newly announced location of the Boston classes.