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My mother works for the public library system in Queens, New York, so I grew up around books. My mother preferred that I read the classics, but I was addicted to The Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High. I would read five to six of those in a day.

The younger me would be surprised I went into business. After I had my second daughter, I wanted to do something to get out of the house. I saw a flier for a business-planning class and thought I had nothing to lose. I really enjoyed it, and the further we went along, the more it felt right. I had long thought that Dorchester could use a bookstore — I spent a lot of time in bookstores as a poor twentysomething in New York, browsing [as] cheap entertainment, and I missed having that experience. Being able to give a book you really love to a friend is special, and that’s something an eBook just can’t compete with.


It’s a big myth that bookstore owners sit around reading all day. I think if you asked any bookseller, they would say that they don’t get to read on the job. I read less now that I am a bookseller.

I launched at a farmers’ market. [Now I’m] at Dot 2 Dot Cafe. No matter where in Dorchester I end up, I’m going to have a cafe, and it’s my goal to have the cafe also be a wine bar. It would be great to host meeting groups, maybe moms’ coffee hours, things like that, and become a real living room for the neighborhood.

SHOP SMALL On the Dot Books is located in Dot 2 Dot Cafe, 1739 Dorchester Avenue, in Dorchester. Independent Bookstore Day is April 30. Visit onthedotbooks.com.