Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘He shook my hand when we met’

Will his savvy reading recommendations win her over?

Sravani Korupolu and Nikhil Bhargava.

NIKHIL BHARGAVA: 24 / computer science grad student

Last thing he read:When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

His perfect date: A roller derby rink


SRAVANI KORUPOLU: 21 / engineering student

Last thing she read: All the Malcolm Gladwell books

Her perfect date: A carnival



Nikhil A friend told me about Cupid, and as a grad student, I was excited about the idea of eating dinner.


Sravani I honestly signed up as a joke with my friends. I didn’t expect to get a match.

Nikhil I went for a quick run before heading over. I was a lot more relaxed than I thought I’d be.

Sravani I was about five minutes early and waited at the bar.

Nikhil I thought I was on time, but it seemed like she had been waiting for a while by the time I got there. She looked cute.

Sravani He was pretty tall, which is always a plus, and cute. He shook my hand when we met. That was amusing to me.

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Nikhil Sravani is studying chemical engineering, but right now is doing a co-op at a pharma company. She’s thinking about going to med school after graduating.

Sravani He just moved to Boston from San Francisco, so he’s still getting to know the city.

Nikhil As a native Californian, I was loving that my first Boston winter was exceptionally mild. She wistfully missed the snow.

Sravani I failed miserably to try to get him excited about the Boston winter activities.

Nikhil Her New Year’s resolution was to read 52 books in 52 weeks. She was making good progress toward that goal.

Sravani He had read the book I was currently reading.

Nikhil I was able to share some recommendations that I thought she’d be interested in.

Sravani I actually ended up picking [them] up at a bookstore that weekend!

Nikhil It was chocolate week, so for the appetizer we decided to split the spinach chocolate salad. Quick note for the readers: As surprising as it sounds, spinach and chocolate don’t really go well together in a salad. She ordered the shrimp ravioli, and I had the pappardelle. Afterward, we split the tiramisu.

Sravani The service was great while the food was pretty average. Neither of us are big fans of seafood, so I don’t think we wanted to try any of their specials.


Nikhil After dinner, I walked her back to the T.

Sravani He walked me to the Red Line and we said goodnight.

Nikhil We hugged, and I asked for her number.

Sravani We both had other plans afterward.


Nikhil Sravani seems great, but I’m not sure that we had much of a connection.

Sravani I don’t think so. I don’t think we had a lot in common and very different opinions. There just seemed to be a disconnect.


Nikhil / B+

Sravani / B              

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