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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘I loved that he was so dressed up’

    Will the geographic distance between these daters be a deal breaker?

    Julie Rohnstock and Cory Brannigan.

    JULIE ROHNSTOCK: 23 / preschool teacher

    What makes her a catch: She’s spontaneous, loyal, and fun.

    Last thing she read:The Girl on the Train

    CORY BRANNIGAN: 23 / technical analyst


    What makes him a catch: Volunteers with a dog rescue

    His exes say: He’s always a gentleman.



    Julie I had read Cupid several times before, and I thought What did I have to lose?

    Cory I stumbled on [Cupid] in the Globe. The application was fun to fill out.


    Julie Before the date, I felt really excited! I talked a lot with my friends about topics to talk about and just tried to remember to be myself.

    Cory I felt calm. I generally enjoy meeting new people.

    Julie I was only at the restaurant for a few minutes before he got there, but I ordered a glass of wine to help the nerves a little. The hostess brought Cory over to the table. I loved that he was so dressed up. He looked very nice. He was cute and so tall!

    Cory [She was] blond, cute face.

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    Julie We talked about where we went to college and even found a few mutual friends. We were both in Greek life. We talked about work, other things we were involved in at school, where we’ve traveled, how he studied abroad, what we liked to do outside of work.


    Cory [We both] recently graduated, love going to nice restaurants.

    Julie He suggested we start with the bruschetta, which was delicious. Then I ordered the roasted chicken with vegetables. It was so yummy!

    Cory I ordered a pasta and sausage dish and some bruschetta to start. Pasta was fantastic, although the bruschetta had an unexpected sweet flavor.

    Julie I felt very comfortable! Once we got over the initial awkwardness, it was very easy to make conversation. Once I realized that he genuinely had an interest in what I liked to do and what I did for work, I thought that I really liked this person. It was nice to talk with someone who really cared.

    Cory We were able to keep a conversation going smoothly the whole time.

    Julie I think we had pretty similar interests and personalities.

    Cory We had very different interests and careers, plus the distance factor, especially since I don’t have a car. She lives [on the South Shore], which is pretty far from [me].


    Julie After we finished eating and talked a bit more, we went separate ways. I was sad to see the date end, but we had been there for almost two hours.

    Cory The dinner was great, and it’s always nice to meet someone new.

    Julie We exchanged numbers and hugged goodbye.

    Cory We were going in separate directions, so we took separate Ubers to get home.


    Julie I would; it would be great to get to know each other better.

    Cory Don’t think so; with the distance, it’s harder to coordinate.


    Julie / B+

    Cory / B+

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