Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: The veterinary student and the financial analyst

Will he get the honest feedback he’s looking for?

Gary Gorny and Rachel Madenjian.

GARY GORNY: 29 / financial analyst

Last thing he read: Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis

His perfect match: Someone who helps others in her career


RACHEL MADENJIAN: 26 / veterinary student

Last thing she read: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Her perfect match: Matthew Bomer, doing something he loved



Gary I figured I could get some honest feedback by reading my date’s response.


Rachel I heard about the opportunity via friends. It was a YOLO moment for me.

Gary I showered, shaved, and drove to the venue, listening to music to calm my nerves.

Rachel The commute into the city can be nerve-racking, given traffic. I ended up three minutes late, so I consider that a win.

Gary She was pretty! She had a nice smile and laugh.

Rachel He was dressed nicely, which is always appreciated.



Gary We are both in graduate school, so we talked about workload, classes. She’s in veterinary school, so we talked about what she does there. 

Rachel We chatted about what we were generally up to in life.I learned he was from the city and went to college, worked, and was working on his MBA — all in Boston!

Gary We ordered a mix of Mediterranean food. The waiter kept bringing us different people’s food. For example, I ordered a lamb strudel, but he brought me lamb meatballs. The strudel was much worse than the meatballs . . . so yay for taking other people’s food.

Rachel I was interested in the carrot/parsnip combos. Unfortunately, the order was mistaken and I didn’t get a chance to try the carrots.

Gary We got a free falafel for mixing up our orders.

Rachel I would say the rum-based ginger beer drink I ordered stood out the most.

Gary We laughed a lot. Her smile and laugh were charming.

Rachel It was a pleasant evening at a nice spot.

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Gary By the end, it seemed like we ran out of things to say.

Rachel Gary and I really didn’t share any passions or humor, so that led me to realize it wasn’t the romantic connection that I’m looking for. Although we had plenty to chat about, I saw Gary more as a friend figure as the night progressed.

Gary We were very full and both had to wake up early to do work.

Rachel Each of us had a busy day prior to the date. I was ready to head home.

Gary It was freezing outside. I got her number. We hugged. She might have rubbed my back during her hug?

Rachel I gave him a friendly hug and said  goodnight.


Gary I would give it another shot!

Rachel I do not think [so], because I can’t envision anything romantic stemming, given our initial date.


Gary / B+

Rachel / A-

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