Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: The conversation flows naturally. What could possibly go wrong?

Their four-and-a-half-hour outing must be a good sign, he thinks.

Brennan Harkin and Meg O’Hare.

MEG O’HARE: 26 / marketing coordinator

Her hobbies: She makes a mean tequila cocktail

Last thing she read:Men Explain Things to Me

BRENNAN HARKIN: 28 / business analyst


Who plays you in the movie: Benedict Cumberbatch

Last thing . . . he read: Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Atlantic magazine



Meg My college roommate participated in The Washington Post’s Date Lab last year and had fun, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Brennan My friends who read the column suggested it to me. I was initially very reluctant, as I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m glad they got me to do it.


Meg I went to the gym in the morning, walked through the warm weather home, and caught up on The Mindy Project. I was trying not to overthink things.

Brennan I got there a bit early and had a drink to settle my nerves — it helped!

Meg The host brought me to the table. Tall, parted brown hair, button-up shirt.

Brennan She had expressive, pretty eyes and a bright smile. She seemed excited, and that put the whole mood at ease.


Meg We’re both Irish Catholic and from Boston. We had a laugh over how every Irish family has the same names, but he’d dodged the trend with Brennan (I did not — Meg is pretty run of the mill). I talked about living in Jordan after college, and he told me about his job, updating [a college’s] student portal, which hadn’t been updated since the 1970s.


Brennan I learned what it was like in Jordan, a fascinating area of the world that I’ve always wanted to visit.

Meg We talked about our families — he has a small immediate family; I’m from a big family (26 first cousins). It was an interesting contrast of experience.

Brennan We talked about education, politics, travel, and visiting family abroad.

Meg I ordered Brussels sprouts with mushrooms as a starter and then a duck burrito as a rice bowl, so kind of like a risotto (it also came with a side of tater tots, which was a great treat).

Brennan I had the meatballs with garlic-Parmesan bread. For an entree, I had a flatbread with brie, walnuts, and apples.

Meg At one point, we both admitted we had friends who had been constantly texting us for updates, which helped establish some more common ground.

Brennan Our conversation flowed extremely naturally.

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Meg We each got another beer after dinner — turns out we have the same favorite beer. But it was 11 p.m., and we had been there since 6:30, so it was the appropriate time to call it a night.

Brennan I’m not great at reading chemistry. The fact that we were there as long as we were is a good sign, I think.

Meg We got along pretty well, but there didn’t seem to be a romantic spark.

Brennan There wasn’t a good night kiss: I try to sense the mood and not be too forward.


Meg I would have been up for meeting up again, but he didn’t ask for my number.

Brennan I really enjoyed our date; I think it would be fun to get together again.


Meg / A

Brennan / A-

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