Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I was always the dork with the camera in school’

Will a mutual interest in photography capture their fancy?

Dalton Main and Nicole Niss.

DALTON MAIN: 28 / digital journalist

Who plays him in the movie: A young George Clooney

What makes him a catch: He’s fun and always up for anything.


NICOLE NISS: 28 / manager, entrepreneurial community

Who plays her in the movie: Natalie Portman. She’s quirky, smart, and strong.

What makes her a catch? She’s loyal, passionate, and inquisitive.



Dalton I had the day off work, so I went rock climbing and then got ready.

Nicole I had to buy new tights because, of course, mine decided to rip during the last hour of my workday. I also had a pep talk from my co-workers. I arrived early and had a delicious tequila cocktail at the bar. The hostess also kindly sent me a little aperitif to settle the nerves. So sweet!


Dalton She was gorgeous. She had beautiful dark hair and was sitting at the bar with a fancy cocktail, reading a book. She was way out of my league.

Nicole Dalton was cute but not really my “type.” I liked his hair — dark, longish, and wavy. His style was pretty preppy, so he looked nice and put together.


Dalton We dived right into conversation. I was excited when she said she liked photography and had been taking pictures since eighth grade. It was funny, because I got into photography about the same time.

Nicole We discussed our cameras, what we like to take pictures of, and how long we’ve been doing it.

Dalton I was always the dork with the camera in school, so it was fun to meet someone who was into something the same way I am. That was the moment I thought OK, I could like this girl.


Nicole He majored in cinema studies and English but went to graduate school for journalism and works for a TV station now. He is from Kentucky and has only been in Boston for a year. He has a “bucket list” of touristy Boston things he wants to do.

Dalton I remember her telling me about a July Fourth bar crawl along the Freedom Trail she does every year, which I thought was kind of nerdy and cool.

Nicole Area Four was amazing! The staff was fantastic and paid so much attention to us.

Dalton We asked the bartender for his suggestions and both immediately knew we had to order whatever steak appetizer he described. It had a sort of sweet potato paste with it and some oil and peppers.

Nicole We got a wagyu steak special that was unbelievable, lamb ravioli (his choice), and broccoli with beef (my choice).

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Dalton She was very easy to talk to, and we had several things in common. She was a fun date.

Nicole Dalton was fun, talkative, and a complete gentleman. On my end, I didn’t feel chemistry. It was more of a friend vibe.

Dalton It got late, so we figured it was time to go home. I asked if she wanted to give me her number and she said yes.

Nicole We hugged goodbye. I wasn’t feeling a romantic connection, but I enjoyed the night (and I’m a hugger).


Dalton We’ll see. I plan to ask her out again.

Nicole I’d totally set him up with someone I know and vouch for him. Whoever he ends up with won’t be disappointed!


Dalton / A

Nicole / A                               

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