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Readers respond to a Navy pilot’s search for the spot where his father’s plane crashed and an essay on tattoos.


Touching story about determination, love, luck, and renewal (“Lost,” March 26). RIP Eual Cathey.


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Nice piece. Glad to read Jeff Cathey was able to find what he was looking for to bring some closure to this very important issue for him. Credit too to the local guys who helped and the retired gentleman who as a young boy accompanied his father the medical examiner to the crash site.



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When my son, in his 20s at the time, showed me a fresh tattoo on his arm, I got a sick feeling in my stomach and a pang in my heart (Connections, March 26). The tattoo, four Scrabble tiles spelling GRAM, commemorated his great-grandmother. When he was growing up, we visited her weekly, and around the time he turned 3, they would “play” Scrabble. The game obviously got better as he got older. I treasured those days, and it gives me great joy to know that he also treasured them.

Susan Evans / Carlisle

I can’t speak for other people, but I can say that my tattoos are not rebellions. I spent at least a year considering each one, and each is a reminder of an important part of my life. They remind me of both joy and sadness, but always of events that have marked me as a person.


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