Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I tried to figure out who he reminded me of . . .’

Will his resemblance to one of her relatives be a deal breaker?

Spence Perry and Alea Capello.

SPENCE PERRY: 23 / digital communications manager

His interests: Trying new hobbies . . . right now working on lock-picking

Last thing he read:East of Eden

ALEA CAPELLO: 23 / legal recruiting assistant


When she is happiest: Swimming in the ocean

What makes her a catch? Dimples so deep you could pour a bowl of cereal in them



Spence I spent time scoping out the dinner menu. I’m a pescatarian, but I make exceptions for good food and company.

Alea I got my nails done, listened to music, and had a glass of wine.


Spence The hostess showed me to the table. I sat down and ordered a beer.

Alea I was late. . . . I’m late to everything.

Spence She was really attractive. Well dressed. She was wearing these really cool arabesque earrings.

Alea He had a cute smile.


Spence We talked about what we were doing with our lives. She told me how she had recently started her new job at a law firm in Boston and about her family.


Alea He works for a nonprofit, which I thought was great. He’s into photography and is developing a Web app. He seemed smart and driven.

Spence Alea was president of her sorority during college, and we talked about some of the misconceptions of Greek life. I found her insights really interesting. We also talked about travel and what it’s like to live in different places around the world.

Alea He spent some time in Korea in college and fell in love with the food, which is exactly what I would have said, had I done the same.

Spence The waiter suggested we share plates. We took a leap of faith. We settled on the gumbo, spice-roasted cauliflower, and chicken pot pie.

Alea Everything was delicious, but the waitstaff tried a little too hard to impress us. We were checked on a lot.

Spence We finished the meal with a pear cobbler topped with ginger ice cream. Solid decision. I remember fumbling with my silverware a couple of times, but Alea was a good sport, which calmed me.

Alea We’re at the same point in early adulthood and were able to connect on those struggles.

Spence We talked about being younger in multigenerational offices, like randomly being polled with market research questions about what millennials are into.

Alea The entire first hour of the date I tried to figure out who he reminded me of. I finally realized it was . . . my cousin.

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Spence We didn’t do anything after. The date ended with us riding the Green Line, then exchanging phone numbers.

Alea I was getting a little nervous because I didn’t want to miss the last train out.

Spence I said goodbye with a simple hug. A hug seemed appropriate.

Alea He hugged me and was on his way.


Spence If we hung out again, I would dig deeper into important questions like the meaning of life, hypothetical “three wish” scenarios, and favorite Beyonce songs.

Alea I would hang out as friends, but I can’t get the cousin thing out of my head.


Spence / A-

Alea/ B+     

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