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    Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

    Readers respond to articles on an intriguing Somerville garden, offer advice for finding friends, and sound off about millennials.

    Urban Treasure

    What a treat to see our neighbor Martha Friend featured in the magazine (“City Lights,” April 2)! Not only is her garden spectacular, the inside of her home is also very special. We love getting to explore her and her husband’s art pieces during Somerville Open Studios. Dioramas and photography are their specialty.

    Hannah Villhauer


    Crash Course

    My honest advice would be for “Friendless in Boston” to join a roller derby league in some capacity (Miss Conduct, April 2). I joined a league at age 39. Not only did it make me stronger physically and mentally, it also helped me make what are now some of my best friends. I have been to many baby showers and bridal parties in the years since. Skating can be tough (hello, spiral fracture of the tibia!), but there is also a chance to be a referee, a non-skating official, or volunteer. Don’t let age deter. It changed my life.

    Maura Branley



    A Pat on the Millennial Back

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    While being a Generation Xer myself, I agree completely with Connections writer Alexa D’Agostino, and I think she should be very proud of her generation (“Millennials Have Every Right to Complain and Should Do It More,” April 2). When I look at the causes the millennials have associated themselves with, their general sense of activism, I think it’s probably the best thing that their parents can claim to have done.

    Jared Carlson


    I really wish Millennials would quit writing pieces like this. I’m 30 so I guess I am considered a “Millennial” but I didn’t complain or ask to have a single thing handed to me. Out of college I worked several jobs that I hated knowing that putting in the experience would get to a better place career wise. Quit complaining. You make the rest of us who keep our head down and work hard look like entitled idiots.


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    I was struck by the essay author’s colleague asking, “How much money could you really need?” This type of attitude, particularly coming from a man toward a woman, is one of the many contributing factors to the gender wage gap. People still think that men need more pay because they are supporting a family, although in many cases women are also supporting a family.

    Rachna Balakrishna


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