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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘I asked her a weird physics question and she got it!’

    Can two Vonnegut-loving engineers overcome a digital error?

    Alex Gribov and Janelle Mansfield.

    ALEX GRIBOV: 22 / electrical and software engineer

    His interests: Rock climbing, piano/guitar, reading

    His exes would say: He’s brutally honest but always ready to help.


    JANELLE MANSFIELD: 23 /aerospace engineer

    Her interests: Powerlifting, amateur photography, coxswain crew

    Her ideal mate: An engineer, but smarter than she is



    Alex Before heading out, I bought a pair of khakis, since I had just realized that my other nice pair had a paint stain!


    Janelle I took a nap and ate a bit beforehand, because our dinner was later than I usually eat.

    Alex Parking held me up, but she was there early. I was shown around the corner and almost bumped into her.

    Janelle He was dressed a lot nicer than me. He was wearing a blazer and khakis, and I was in jeans and a black sweater.

    Alex First impression was her strikingly blue eyes and beautiful smile.

    Janelle He seemed flustered but I learned he’d had trouble finding parking in Harvard Square. Then I found out he lived outside the city, so we talked about that a bit.



    Alex We’re both engineers and love reading. I asked what the last book she read was, and it turns out she’s finishing up one of my favorites, Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.

    Janelle We are both passionate about our jobs and enjoy doing technical work.

    Alex Coolest thing was when I asked her a weird physics question and she got it right off the bat!

    Janelle We talked a lot about his school and his plans for next year, since he’s a senior. I also learned he’s really into art and music, and he helps organize an outdoor music festival in upstate New York.

    Alex We got cocktails and shared a couple dishes. Absolutely delicious!

    Janelle We shared the lamb ribs and a potato dish, and they were both really good.

    Alex I thought we clicked pretty well. I may have been a little too talkative.

    Janelle I felt comfortable with him right away. He seemed really sweet.


    Alex Though we seemed to have a lot in common, it didn’t feel like there was a moment that sparks started flying.

    Janelle I tried to keep an open mind, but I don’t think I could date someone who is still in school or who is [almost] two years younger than me at this point in time. I feel like people mature a lot after graduating and working for a few years.

    Alex I walked her to the Red Line after dinner. She had plans to see friends later that night. I told her that I had a really good time and would love to see her again. She agreed and I gave her my number, though I haven’t heard back!

    Janelle When I texted him, it turned out to be the wrong number.

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    Alex I would definitely like to get to know Janelle better, though I think if she wanted a second date she would have texted or called. If she does, I’ll offer to take her rock climbing, as I think she would really like that sport.

    Janelle He was nice, but probably not.


    Alex / A-

    Janelle / B     

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