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Readers respond to a story on farmers and Massachusetts’ recreational marijuana law.

Pot Laws

I’m glad someone has pointed out the inequities in allowing only highly financed businessmen into the marijuana industry, leaving out experienced farmers who have spent their lives growing crops (“High Hopes,” April 9). The medical marijuana business is rigged, too. You can’t get a prescription from your doctor, even if you are terminal. Sure, a few doctors will prescribe: Just bring them your medical records along with $300. As if my medical bills weren’t crippling enough.

Mary de Smet / Andover

Let’s all give a rousing cheer for marijuana growers as they dope-up our state, us, and our children. Remember folks, the law was passed and approved because everybody is seeing $$$$$ in front of their eyes. Don’t believe for one second that weed has been thoroughly vetted for what will be its impact on the general public.



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The writer provides compelling evidence that plants grown outdoors offer substantial benefits to consumers and producers. Western Massachusetts is poised to profit from this new industry; don’t marginalize local farmers by abandoning sustainable practices when reviewing the implementation of this law.


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