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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: He ‘was raised with great manners — so props to his mom and dad’

    Will this single mom be impressed by her date’s good upbringing?

    Jamieson Vazquez and Viviana Suavita.

    VIVIANA SUAVITA: 30 / admissions counselor

    On a desert island, she’d bring: Her son, books, materials to make a fire

    Her ideal mate: Would be passionate and dependable


    JAMIESON VAZQUEZ: 29 / talent acquisition

    What makes him a catch: Career-focused and open to new experiences

    His interests: Soccer, podcasts, classic rock



    Viviana I bought a new outfit I was very excited about, to pump myself up, but didn’t end up wearing it because the day ended up being too cold.


    Jamieson I had a drink with a friend to prep and get the jitters out of the way.

    Viviana He was wearing nice jeans and was, you could say, “classically handsome.”

    Jamieson Viviana was cute, pretty eyes and smile.


    Viviana We started talking about where we worked, lived, came from . . . the usual icebreakers. Our conversation felt like an extended game of 21 questions; but not necessarily in a bad way.

    Jamieson She works in admissions at a local college. She is passionate about her work and seemed truly excited about it.


    Viviana We had been talking for 20 minutes, and our waitress seemed . . . pissed that we had not ordered yet.

    Jamieson I ordered the salmon, which she ended up ordering, too. The food was very good. Our waitress ended up handing off the table to another waitress.

    Viviana We got into guessing each other’s backgrounds, always a fun game. He was half-Swedish, half-Puerto Rican. I thought he could be Cuban, and he answered the natural follow-up question by saying he “didn’t speak a lick of Spanish.”

    Jamieson I learned that she was Colombian, and I think I caught her by surprise that I am half Puerto Rican. It caught me by surprise that she has a child.

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    Viviana He was taken aback by it, even if just a little. He talked about his best friend and how he loved having the flexibility to do whatever he wanted, when he wanted to. When he said that, I just knew I couldn’t see us going anywhere. I am a mom of a 6-year-old boy, and I cannot just “get up and go.”

    Jamieson I am not ready for a relationship that involves children, and I feel like it would be unfair to the child to have someone that isn’t in it 100 percent.

    Viviana Jamieson was raised with great manners — so props to his mom and dad.

    Jamieson The restaurant was about empty, and we knew it was time to wrap things up. We paid and made our way out.

    Viviana Before taking off, I received a text from him saying, “It was good meeting you Viviana! Get home safe!” Again, I give major props to his parents, as manners are often overlooked. For my one, and probably last, blind date, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    Jamieson We hugged goodbye.


    Viviana I do not think [we will].

    Jamieson Viviana was very nice but was not the right fit for me.


    Viviana / B+

    Jamieson / A    

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