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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘She has a Shakespeare-quote tattoo’

    Will this literary-minded Brit fancy a (self-described) French firecracker?

    Charlie Merlot and Sophie Hansen.

    CHARLIE MERLOT: 27 / entrepreneur/author

    On a desert island, he’d bring: Music, the works of Hemingway, and a motorcycle

    When he is happiest: Snorkeling on a tropical island


    SOPHIE HANSEN: 26 / social worker

    Her interests: Everything from comics to baseball to politics/feminism

    What makes her a catch: She’s a firecracker



    Charlie I liked the idea of meeting someone from a completely different circle, without any mutual connections.


    Sophie I have been reading Cupid for almost two years and, like my friend says, Lama Lo (Why not)?

    Charlie I went rock climbing beforehand so I wouldn’t have time to get nervous.

    Sophie I had an insanely busy day at work. By the grace of G-d, I was right on time. The host lit two candles for the table.

    Charlie The host gave me a knowing wink, led me to the table, and said “good luck” quietly. I knew he had my back.

    Sophie He’s tall, which is always a plus, dressed well, and had a great smile.


    Charlie My date was very pretty. I liked her French manicure.

    Sophie After I introduced myself, he said, “Hi, my name is Jake, I mean Charlie, I mean Charles.” It was endearing.


    Charlie I discovered that Sophie holds citizenship in France and the United States, she is an avid tweeter (@SophieNavaR), and has an “almond-sized appetite.”

    Sophie We both were born outside of the United States (him, the UK; me, France). He grew up in Connecticut, so he has kind of a mixed accent (I called it “a melange,” which he seemed to love).

    Charlie Our conversation covered everything from the restaurant business to immigration policies.

    Sophie We talked about politics (Brexit and current US politics). We both are hoping that the French election doesn’t turn out the same way.

    Charlie The food was delicious. We started with the beef short rib steamed buns and the scallion pancakes, and I had the shrimp-shrimp chili noodles, since the name implied double the shrimp.

    Sophie The steamed buns were delicious, I wish I had ordered another batch.

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    Charlie When Sophie told me that she has a Shakespeare-quote tattoo (from Taming of the Shrew), it definitely made her seem more attractive. The candles at the table brought out her (hazel) eyes.

    Sophie I had a friend’s party that I needed to get to, so we made no plans after.

    Charlie I would gladly have gone somewhere else had she suggested it, but I tend to keep first dates short on principle.

    Sophie He asked for my Twitter handle (we’re such millennials). He also put his number into my phone (he listed it as Charlie instead of JakeCharlieCharles).


    Charlie I’d be down. I gave her my number, so ball is in her court.

    Sophie I’d be open to it; I guess we’ll see what he has to say.


    Charlie / A

    Sophie / B+

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