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A story on GE and the country’s tax laws had readers buzzing.

The cover of the April 23 issue of the magazine.

Bravo on this informative article about corporate income taxes and tax reform (“The Zero Percent Solution,” April 23). It was worth reading it in its entirety. My regret is that if someone were to show it to President Trump he would not. One of my concerns is that corporations won’t use any tax savings to create jobs or improve working conditions, something the president says he expects, but will use savings to increase payouts for executives and shareholders.

Elizabeth Chouinard / Danvers

Easily the best single article I’ve read on taxes and reform, a topic that never gets the attention it should, given the amount of dollars at stake to our government.


Kim Crumb / Minneapolis

GE’s desire to legally minimize its taxes is simply a fulfillment of its obligation to shareholders. GE chief Jeff Immelt, with the full support of his board, should continue with his restructuring of the company and ignore his detractors. He’s smart enough to know that he can’t mollify every critic, especially one who seems to view business as nothing more than a revenue generator for the government.

Sean F. Flaherty / Charlestown

While I don’t profess to have much understanding of the tax code, it was simply great to see you call out GE and Immelt at a time when corporate greed is out of control and GE’s relocation to Boston is being touted as a major coup by the local political incumbents.

Robert Arthur / Watertown


I appreciated both the clarity and advocacy in your article. I confess to understanding little about the tax code other than its being skewed against working people. You made the subject and the history of tax reform or pretense at reform comprehensible. You also challenged GE in a fair and politically savvy way, and I hope the leadership listens.

Anca Vlasopolos / Centerville

As the daughter of an older-generation GE “lifer,” I found your well-researched article fascinating and your call to action thought-provoking. It will be interesting to see what develops.

Cheryl Johnson

Vero Beach, Florida

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Wonderful work on the crazy state of US taxes. I can’t think of anyone I know who can do anything about it. That shows me it really isn’t possible for the public to vote on the details. It will be interesting to see how many details of the tax debate make it into the press.


Roger Demler / Sherborn

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