Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I felt like I could talk to him about almost anything’

Will two busy grad students turn good conversation into a real connection?

Gabby Correnti and Carlos Monroy.

CARLOS MONROY: 25 / paralegal, law student

What makes him a catch: Nice guy, sometimes to a fault

First thing people notice in his home: The chirping of his bird


GABBY CORRENTI: 24 / grad student

First thing people notice in her home: Her dog

Her interests: Boston sports, cooking, walks



Carlos One of my friends encouraged me to try this out.


Gabby It seemed like a fun, interesting way to meet someone.

Carlos I did look up the menu beforehand so there were no surprises on that end.

Gabby I had a huge assignment for grad school due that day. I rewarded myself with a much needed nap. After my nap I did the typical hair and makeup thing that girls do.

Carlos I thought she looked great. She was dressed appropriately and had a lovely smile.

Gabby He was super tall! I was in heels, and he still towered over me. He was also super tan and in really good shape. He had a really nice smile as well.



Carlos I learned that her favorite Boston Celtics player is Marcus Smart and [she] even got to meet him and take a picture with him. I also learned that her family raises chickens but they don’t live on a farm. I learned about how she went from wanting to teach high schoolers to teaching third-graders and falling in love with teaching them instead.

Gabby We talked about how I’m in graduate school and he will be going to law school in the fall. He’s going on a full scholarship; that is super impressive. We were both in Greek life in college, so it was cool to have someone to reminisce with.

Carlos I ordered the rigatoni alla napoletana. The service and food was excellent.

Gabby I ordered spaghetti pomodoro. Growing up in an Italian household, I can sort of be a snob when it comes to Italian food, but this place did impress me.

Carlos I definitely felt more comfortable as the date progressed. Once the ice was broken, I felt like the conversation flowed. She had a certain charm where it felt easy to let my guard down.

Gabby I felt like I could talk to him about almost anything and not be judged.

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Carlos Once we finished our meals, we walked out to her car. We hugged goodbye.

Gabby I thought a hug was a nice way to end a first date. I’m old-fashioned like that.

Carlos I thought that she was someone I could like going out with in the future. There’s definitely potential.

Gabby He texted me later that night to make sure I made it home OK.


Carlos I hope that’s the case.

Gabby We did exchange numbers, so maybe there will be.


Carlos / A

Gabby / B+    

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