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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘I felt awkward talking while she was eating’

    But will this horse racing fan overcome that and take the ultimate gamble?

    Shannon Bushee and Nick Calabraro.

    NICK CALABRARO: 23 / research associate

    What makes him a catch: His smile, laugh, and big dimples

    When he is happiest: Cooking in his nana’s kitchen


    SHANNON BUSHEE: 23 / editorial assistant

    When she is happiest: Reading on the beach

    What makes her a catch: An encyclopedic knowledge of Harry Potter



    Nick I figured if I was chosen, it would be a no-lose situation.

    Shannon There was nothing to lose from trying, so I went for it.


    Nick I went to gym like I do most mornings; I did a few extra minutes on the treadmill. I happened to have a haircut scheduled. [I] texted my friends for a last-minute pep talk.

    Shannon I went for a run, then my mom and I went for a pedicure.

    Nick When I walked in, my heart started to race. The hostess smiles and says, “Oh, you are here for the blind date. Good luck!”

    Shannon He was tall and well dressed, with a nice shirt and jeans.

    Nick I liked her glasses.


    Shannon I thought he was really cute!

    AND . . . THEY’RE OFF!

    Nick We were both English majors.

    Shannon It turns out we actually work down the street from each other.

    Nick The Preakness was on, so I told her how I was into sports/horse racing.

    Shannon We talked about our careers. He’s studying for the LSATs now to go to law school, whereas I want to keep moving up where I work.

    Nick For apps, Shannon chose three options and then I put in the final vote. We went with the zucchini fritters. For dinner, I ordered a hanger steak with corn salsa.

    Shannon I tried to order truffle sweet pea tortellini, but they had run out, so I got a grilled chicken sandwich instead.

    Nick Throughout [the] night, I realized we are different people. Do different things, different career aspirations, different ways to hang out with friends/have fun. She was just kinda quiet for me.

    Shannon We didn’t have a ton in common. There was never a point where it felt like things were going to take off.

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    Nick Dinner was long. I finished my meal quickly and she was a slow eater. I felt awkward talking while she was eating.

    Shannon There was a definite point where it felt like the date had ended.

    Nick I was ready to head out.

    Shannon We were both going to the Red Line, so we walked to the station together.

    Nick We hugged and exchanged numbers. She texted me later and suggested that we get drinks in the future.

    Shannon He waited on my side of the platform until I got on. That was sweet.


    Nick No, we won’t.

    Shannon I don’t see this turning into anything romantic.


    Nick / B-

    Shannon / B+

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