Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

Readers share their thoughts on stories about the Game Changers issue and Massachusetts’ alimony law.

Game Changer?

In light of current events, you could have titled the item on Corey Lewandowski “Breaking the Moral Construct” rather than “Breaking the Political Mold” (Game Changers, May 14). How horribly inappropriate to celebrate the man who led a campaign that was aided by Russian interference. Has the Globe lost its mind or its morals?

Janet Rothrock / Concord

Sad to say, since I was born in Boston, but California is so far ahead of Boston and MA with regard to innovation [“Life on Innovation Time,” May 14]. If you want to time travel five years to the future, go to CA.



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YIMBY and NIMBY start off with a lie in their name and it goes downhill from there [“Saying Yes to Development,” May 14]. If it’s your back yard, they can’t touch it. Many folks think they can and should control what happens on someone else’s land but consider this: When you buy a lot (as in homesite), all you get is the ability to decide what happens to that land. And even then, there are many societal restrictions placed on your decisions — zoning, wetland regs, building codes, general by laws etc. If you want to control property, or be a good steward to an area, buy it.


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Divorce, Massachusetts Style

Louise Sloan has good points but is only looking at one side of the story (“Massachusetts Needs to Divorce Its Divorce Law,” May 14). The flip side is the receivers’ story. Think about the woman whose husband cheated on her. After the divorce, he can afford the house but she cannot. He moves into the home with his girlfriend. The ex-wife either has to have a “guaranteed” long-term relationship or has to live alone. I’m not saying the old rules were good, either. Paying alimony after retirement even though the spouse took half the retirement account never made sense to me. The current rule that living together for only three months is grounds to terminate all alimony also doesn’t make sense.

Beth Logan, Enrolled Agent


Author, Divorce and Taxes


A sound argument for prenuptial agreements. Unfortunately, many people consider them unromantic, or pessimistic, or a potential jinx. Still, they’re the logical way of arranging things. . . .


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Good grief. Who would ever want to get married knowing the possibility of sending money to an ex until they reach Social Security retirement age.



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