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Readers weigh in on columns about covering President Trump, people who do good deeds, turning 40, and more.

Covering Trump

The May 28 Perspective by Steve Almond, “The Only Way to Escape From the Trump Echo Chamber,” interestingly describes the characteristics of epistemic closure. People who voted for Donald Trump will never say they made a mistake because they spent their personal capital on him. However, the power to force change is not with journalists. It’s in our legislators where the power exists, and it is up to their constituents to make it known that they need to fight for us. The press can keep the pressure on.

Rick Semerjian / Belmont

I agree with Almond: Let citizens push journalists to switch from emphasis on scandals to coverage of the policies. Let us see multi-day, in-depth stories for each act or proposed act that shifts a major policy and undermines our institutions and our rights. What does the bill, order, or directive state? How does the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office assess its impact on ordinary people and the economy — both short and long term? We need to hear real accounts from people on both sides of the issue. The drama of Trump’s personal race to the bottom is fascinating and important, but the changes in our laws and institutions also need to be understood if we are to hold our officials accountable.


Phyllis Kirschner / Newton

Those Who Help

“In Good Hands’’ (Connections, May 28) was beautiful. Thank you for shining the light on those who are ready to lend a hand, and move on. This story made me smile.

Maureen Piotrowski / Needham

Carine Tarazi writes beautifully, simply, and truthfully. I read this and am inspired. Her life-affirming message strengthens me.

Carol Malouf Mufarrij

Bethesda, Maryland

Looking West


Wow — three Western Mass. events prominently featured in the Globe’s 2017 Weekend Fun Guide (June 4): Green River Festival, Mutton & Mead Medieval Festival, and Deerfield’s D2R2! Thanks for thinking west of 495 and for encouraging readers to do likewise. Now, if we could get the Legislature to do the same. . . .  

Mary Ellen Mackin / Reading

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In Praise of 40

I was greatly entertained by the attitude toward age in the June 4 Globe Magazine, as evidenced by the bookend columns “Getting Past My Fear of Turning 40” and “Words From Home.” As a 65-year-old, I felt like laughing at the first column; I’d give anything to have 40 back! And the remembrance and reminiscence of the final column helps with the appreciation of a long rich life and the wealth that memory is. Nicely done!

Steve Auster / Holliston

Just a few months past my 83d, I’m still pondering some of the same questions Jaci Conry posed. But I’m happy to report that in just the last three-plus years I have found myself in the new world of mosaic art (after decades of painting) and have published my memoir. And there’s at least one more literary initiative on the drawing board.


Mimi Aarens / Lexington

I have never understood the fear of becoming any age. Each age holds a mystery and adventure. Embrace it. Now that I am 93 years old, I am of the opinion that what I cannot control I must accept. Yes, I now have old age spots, which I call “wisdom” spots. Yes, I do not have the energy I used to have. However, I still do some form of exercise every day. Yes, many of my friends have passed on. Yes, I have made new friends, some my older daughter’s age (62). And I still go to the movies and theater, and I travel. I also love to dance whenever I get the opportunity. I am looking forward to my 94th birthday in November. After all, think of the alternative.

Ethel Somers / North Andover

A Broader Palate

Great recipe in the magazine on June 4 (“Early Summer Dinner, Japanese Style”). Yum! I’ve never cooked anything Japanese. Thanks.

Sydney L. Frasca / Beverly

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