Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

Articles on Boston’s rock ‘n’ roll heyday and Dutch parenting techniques get readers talking.


Great article (“When Boston Rocked,’’ June 11). You hit all the right notes. For my two cents, the best of Boston will always be the Rockin’ Ramrods, (Barry and) the Remains, and Lyres, with Jonathan Richman to sweeten the pot.e why Boston rocks.

Perkunas Krukonis / Milton

Had to read the article three times to find the one mention of the Stompers, a legendary Boston rock band that has been around for 40 years and still playing for sold-out audiences.


M. Goldman / Framingham

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O Positive. I mean, Treat Her Right opened for O Positive. You had to love this band. How could you leave it out?

Sarah Jane Swart / Gloucester

I just have to add Tribe to the list of bands that made the ’80s great.

Eve Wrigley / Wayland


The Rathskeller: 1974?? . . .   No way!! I dug many bands in that motley basement, including Barry and the Remains in the early ’60s while a student at BU. Worth mentioning the many careers begun busking in the front doorway of the Harvard Coop; Tracy Chapman for one. Shawn Colvin got her first break because of the powerful listener response to a basement tape of “Shotgun Down the Avalanche” playing on WERS, Emerson’s daytime-only trend-setting station.


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Others that deserve mention from those days: La Peste, Lou Miami and the Kozmetix, Peter Dayton, Boys Life, Native Tongue, The Atlantics. The Rat had the cachet but the Channel was really a great venue.

roxy63 / posted on

I was a bartender at the Down Under at Bowdoin Square in 1985 and saw a lot of good bands and some wild garage bands. . . . I am surprised I still have my hearing after an evening of listening to Dumptruck, Chain Link Fence, and Gang Green. Two of my favorite bands were PedXing and Radio 2000. Boston had a great music scene in the 1980s. Totally different city today. 



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“Let’s Go Dutch: In Praise of Free-Range Parenting” was truly a breath of fresh air (Perspective, June 11). Free-range parenting is what I experienced growing up, what I tried to give my children in the ’80s, but sadly, it is not seen often anymore in this country. I do believe Americans are more fearful, more distrustful, more competitive than at any other time, and most do not even realize it has happened.

Carol S Bannon / Marion

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