Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: It was a little uncomfortable to wait there alone

Did somebody commit an etiquette blunder here? You be the judge.

Alon Handler and Elana Lockshin.

ALON HANDLER: 21 / student

First thing people notice in his home: Campaign stickers and buttons

His perfect date: A picnic on the field at Fenway Park


ELANA LOCKSHIN: 21 / student

On a desert island, she’d bring: Coffee, toothbrush, and a camera

Who plays her in the movie: Angelina Jolie



Alon My co-workers encouraged me to do it. I thought it would be a cool way to get out of my comfort zone.


Elana My friend and I thought it would be funny to sign up.

Alon I went for a long bike ride to clear my head. I was pretty nervous.

Elana I got ready with my roommates. They wanted to help me pick out clothes.

Alon I got there 15 minutes early, and she arrived shortly after. The hostess directed her to the table. She had really nice eyes and a great smile!

Elana He was tall and dressed well. He seemed pretty calm.



Alon We talked about why we signed up for Cupid. We were talking so much that we kept forgetting to look at the menu.

Elana We talked about what we each majored in at school. He studies political science. Both of us like to travel, so we discussed the various places we have visited.

Alon She was a neuroscience major. We talked about traveling; I just came back from South Africa, and she is going to Spain and France soon.

Elana He was really nice and easy to talk to.

Alon The entire date was very relaxed; there weren’t any awkward moments or times that felt uncomfortable.

Elana I got a margarita. We shared calamari as an app, then we both ordered salmon for dinner. Everything was really good.

Alon It seemed like we were both having a great time. At one point we got into a really interesting conversation about politics and psychology that I don’t think I could have had with most other people.

Elana As the night went on, I just realized that he wasn’t my type. I didn’t feel any romantic chemistry.

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Alon We stayed at the restaurant for quite a while.

Elana We paid and then got up to leave. He asked for my number and said he had a good time. 

Alon We hugged.

Elana He left before my car got there, and it was a little uncomfortable to wait there alone.


Alon I’d be down. We have each other’s numbers.

Elana I could see us being friends but not dating.


Alon / A

Elana / B-  

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