Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘He suggested we go . . . get bourbon milkshakes’

One of them felt some sort of spark. Will the other follow suit?

Peter Violette and Kay Verenich.

PETER VIOLETTE: 25 / civil engineer

First thing people notice in his house: His record collection

His hobbies: Restoring a steam locomotive


KAY VERENICH: 24 / plant biologist

On a desert island, she’d bring: Her dog, books, record player

First thing people notice in her house: Plants, cool topographic maps



Peter I did a bike ride, went home, showered, then went to Goodwill across the street from the restaurant. I found the book that I was about to buy online for $2.


Kay Took my time getting ready and ate a quick snack. Traffic was extra bad and I got a bit lost. So I was actually really late! I felt terrible.

Peter It was fine because I got to start reading my book.

Kay I assumed he was my date. The hostess confirmed, and I walked over to introduce myself.

Peter She was slim and tall and wearing a white dress. She has blond hair and very blue eyes, which popped in contrast to her outfit. She looked great.

Kay He was cute and dressed casual, which I appreciated.



Peter She just graduated and works for a nonprofit in Framingham. We talked about Europe, her job, my job, workouts, hiking, music, movies, shows, insects, and Boston. She ordered an Old Fashioned and told me how much she likes bourbon. She owns and loves Wayne’s World and Dumb and Dumber. Ten extra points right there.

Kay Conversation came very easily. He has really cool interests. Appreciated his fascination with architecture and history.

Peter I got a mezcalrita. We got mango guac to start off, then I got carne asada. It was fantastic.

Kay I ordered heirloom tomato enchiladas and a couple of cocktails. Both the food and service were amazing.

Peter We are both super active and like the outdoors, hiking, and had a wide variety of music tastes. I felt we had great chemistry.

Kay He was very easy to talk to. He suggested we go to the bar next door to get bourbon milkshakes. I was more than willing. Best idea ever! Milkshakes were amazing and the bar had a great vibe.


Peter She might have a bigger sweet tooth than me, as she was the first person I’ve ever seen finish dessert before me.

Kay We both had to get up early for work the next morning, so decided to call it a night.

Peter I walked her to her car. Two hugs! No kiss; no particular reason why.

Kay He wasn’t necessarily my “type” as far as romantic relationships go. We exchanged numbers and agreed to hang out in the nearish future.

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Peter I’d love to go out with her again. I’ll try to set something up.

Kay Not necessarily another “date,” but I would love to hang out again.


Peter / A+

Kay / A

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