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Readers write in about our Cape and Islands travel guide, a story about a beloved bowling alley, an essay on public servants, and more.


I’m a local and I learned a thing or two, so thank you [“Cape & Islands Like a Local,” June 18]. I always like to hear what other Cape Codders are discovering and enjoying.

iseethewater / posted on

Do Cape Cod like a local: rent out your house for the summer and go somewhere else.


thrh42 / posted on

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Go to Maine. They need you more.

Just_Jake / posted on

Wonderful article! Spot on. Additional [Vineyard] breakfast suggestion: Scottish Bakehouse & Mocha Mott’s (both great for grab and go). Additional lunch suggestion: Humphreys Bakery. Sandwiches perfect for ordering and heading to the beach.

Seaport1992 / posted on


The author knows her stuff — Your Taxi is by far the best cab deal on the [Vineyard]. However, she missed Linda Alley’s jams at the Farmers Market, Mermaid Farm, Grey Barn and about 25 other things.

eggsocket / posted on


Nobody’s ever said “Life’s a pool”! [“Pool or Beach,” June 18]

sudvalmom /


I had to reread your article (“Razor Burn,” June 25) twice to check that I somehow missed a reference to Gillette’s biggest innovation: vibration of the handle, where the blades vibrate in such a way as to greatly increase the closeness of the shave.


Michael Hebert / South Grafton

It’s not just the cost of the blades but how many shaves you get from a blade. My Gillette blades will go a month or more. How about cheap blades? One week? Two? You need cost per shave, not cost per blade.

Robert Hamilton / Easton, Pennsylvania

I believe the count is inaccurate on strokes per shave. I do not usually shave on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I have a light to medium beard. On Monday, I counted 85 strokes. Today it was 60.

Howie Richman / Medfield


Lanes and Games closing (“Bowled Over,” June 25)? Noooo! In the early ’70s I was in a morning league. I would drop off my two preschool sons at “Miss Ellie’s,” a free day care along the left wall downstairs, then lug a wooden playpen upstairs for son number three. Years later, my group of friends graduated to Wednesday nights. “The Girls” were somewhat successful, making a tournament (all the way to Malden). I never will forget the bowling banquets. We were given pins for games over 200. Thanks for the memories!

P.S. Was it really 1976 when I bowled a 276?

Mary Ellen Ryan (and the O’Briens, Keohanes, and “The Girls”) / Waltham

This kills me! I bowled with my grandparents here and had always been planning to take my children, who are still too young. The writing was clearly on the wall, as generic new buildings crowded around it like a bunch of schoolyard bullies. I’m so sad this day has come.

Plumpkin / posted on

While I really enjoyed Dave Denison’s article about the expected demise of Lanes and Games and will miss this place very much, I was more than a little surprised that the article ignored the larger story — the slow death of New England’s bowling, candlepins. The closing of Lanes and Games and the emergence of glitzy, tenpins-only “entertainment complexes,” such as Kings and Lucky Strike Lanes, means the number of options for enjoying our local bowling culture are getting even skimpier.

Paul Sherman / Malden

Great article, great place. Gotta mention the arcade there too — an awesome place to lose all your quarters. North Cambridge, stand up!

bocrane / posted on


Halfway through Scott Helman’s fine essay, “The Age of Impunity” (Perspective, June 25), he asks, “So what’s the antidote?” We griping sheep have the power, but many of us don’t exercise it: Vote.

Joseph Couture / Ipswich

How about term limits?

The majority of voters favor them (state and federal). Fifteen states have them. I fumed for 15 years about the Massachusetts income tax referendum, such arrogance. Legislators should give back to society, not get a lifetime job, health care, and a pension.

H. C. Heisler / Shrewsbury

I so appreciate the fair and unbiased presentation of facts, which demonstrate that there is enough blame to go around to Democrats and Republicans at both the state and federal level. Let’s hope we all heed the warning.

Sharon Bloomenthal / Brookline

Great essay. However, the writer fails to mention term limits as a viable option to our politicians being elected for life. If the president of the United States can only serve two terms, no one should be able to do more than that.

Charlie McCarthy / Norfolk

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