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Dinner with Cupid

‘He asked me if it was weird to listen to Kesha while working out’

Will disagreeing on music be a harbinger of doom for these two?

Rachel Wahlert and Jayme Lee.

JAYME LEE: 26 / engineer

His interests: Rock climbing, anime, tabletop games

Who plays him in the movie: Christopher Walken

RACHEL WAHLERT: 21 / student / research assistant

Her interests: Deep conversation, travel, volleyball

Her ideal mate: Has a beautiful jawline, slightly muscular



Jayme I was excited to meet her.

Rachel I’ve had a really fun blind date experience before so I had high hopes.

Jayme I vastly underestimated how long my Uber would take, so I showed up a half-hour early.

Rachel I did a few power poses on the T. You know the TED Talk that Amy Cuddy had? It’s probably just a placebo effect but I like doing them.


Jayme She was put together well and wore a nice dress. She was taller than me.

Rachel He was in summer clothes and didn’t seem dressed up.


Jayme We talked about our backgrounds. I discovered she was from Minnesota and grew up in Shanghai before she moved to the States.

Rachel He asked me if it was weird to listen to Kesha while working out at the gym. I think it’s a fair music choice but there are definitely better ones. He said we could agree to disagree.

Jayme We ordered sushi, eggplant, and a rice bowl. The food and service were excellent.

Rachel He had a Dark and Stormy while I had a mai tai. One waiter would constantly walk by without saying anything which was kind of awkward but we got used to it.

Jayme I felt comfortable, especially after we got past the small talk.

Rachel We talked about travel, our families and college. All of it seemed like basic small talk.

Jayme There wasn’t any point in time where I felt that we “clicked.”

Rachel It didn’t seem as though we had much to talk about.



Jayme I suggested we go bowling afterward. I thought maybe there’d be more chemistry in a different setting. We decided to play pool instead because neither of us had socks.

Rachel I’m terrible at pool but game to play. We played three games. I lost all of them. I know he was trying to be helpful with pointers but it came off as arrogant.

Jayme After a few games we left. I could tell there was a mutual understanding that we wouldn’t work out.

Rachel We walked out by Fenway and awkwardly hugged.


Jayme Our personalities were too dissimilar, and not in the opposites-attract sort of way.

Rachel No. It’s not in the cards.


Jayme / A-

Rachel / B-

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