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Readers weigh in on a Connections essay, The Cat Patrol, and the bird population.


Regarding “Just My Husband’s Type” (Connections, June 25), thank you. In a world such as ours, reading the newspaper can be like skipping through a minefield. When I can read a piece like this, my day brightens. More, please!

Lorra Rudman / Lincolnshire, Illinois


Great story to raise awareness of the plight of all animals discarded when they are no longer wanted or not cared for properly (“The Cat Patrol,” July 16). All of our kitties have been either been adopted from shelters or adopted us. Buddy and our girls Beth and Ally were adopted from the MetroWest Humane Society and the Purr-fect Cat Shelter. We support a cage at each of these shelters and have just applied to support a cage at the Milford Humane Society. Thank you for sharing this tireless but extremely important work on behalf of kitties who aren’t lucky enough to wander into the yard of a cat lover.


Mary Casali / Bellingham

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These women are amazing — so kind and selfless. They are doing good work and getting results. All the best to them.

NM4A7884 / posted on


I was glad to read Elizabeth Gehrman’s essay on bird populations (“Fears of a Silent Summer,” July 9). I am glad she mentioned the devastation wrought by cats. I share the same early-morning problem with loud avian neighbors. Still, I was amazed at her solution: She (presumably) made a special drive (extra fossil fuel pollution) to a big box store (financially rewarding the very threats to birds she cites — the breakup of large tracts of land, enormous parking lots, habitat loss), to buy a $50 electrically powered gizmo (increasing her daily fossil fuel pollution). On a routine trip to the drugstore, she might have picked up some foam earplugs for four or five dollars. They work great, a small bag of them lasts for years, and they don’t use electricity.

Patricia Murray / Mattapoisett

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