Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘If he was annoyed at my late arrival, he was polite enough not to show it’

Will being tardy to the party be a dealbreaker for this pair?

Chris Nottoli and Cara Goodman.

CHRIS NOTTOLI: 25 / environmental noise consultant

His perfect Saturday: A hike in the woods

What makes him a catch: He can write a song about anyone and anything.


CARA GOODMAN: 24 / renewable energy analyst

Her hobbies: Rock climbing, swing dancing, kayaking

Her interests: Budding social justice / environmental activist



Chris I went for a run and listened to music to calm my mind.


Cara I [researched] the restaurant to see how fancy I should dress. I was a little nervous because I was running late due to maintenance on the T (surprise, surprise).

Chris She looked very nice. She was wearing a summer dress and her hair was down. She was very calm and confident.

Cara I thought he was cute and decently tall, which I appreciated. He had a friendly demeanor and a nice smile. If he was annoyed at my late arrival, he was polite enough not to show it.


Chris We talked about the possibility of it raining on us, since they seated us outside and there were rain clouds overhead.

Cara He asked whether or not I drink, which I appreciated (since many people just assume everyone does), and then we chatted about our taste in drinks.


Chris We talked about our careers, hobbies, and families. We both enjoy hiking and being outdoors.

Cara He works for an environmental noise consulting company, which seemed pretty interesting. There was a street performer (singer) who set up her act right outside the restaurant, which was a nice bit of free live entertainment.

Chris I ordered shrimp scampi and peppermint ice cream pie for dessert.

Cara I ordered the chicken piccata and the chocolate marquise for dessert. Both were delicious, but the servings were definitely too big for one person!


Chris Cara suggested we go on a walk after dinner. We walked through the Public Garden, the Common, and through the Prudential Center mall.

Cara It was a nice night, but I ended up being almost too full to walk!

Chris After the mall, I felt it was an appropriate time to end the date.

Cara We exchanged numbers and hugged goodbye.

Chris She was a very intelligent, kind, and exciting person. However, I feel like our personalities did not match.

Cara We seemed to have similar outgoing personalities. There were no particular moments that sent sparks flying. But I think there is potential there.

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Chris I don’t think we will; there didn’t seem to be enough chemistry or interests between us.

Cara I would like to; we’ll see.


Chris / B+

Cara / A-             

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