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    Dinner with Cupid

    ‘We’re both a bit contrarian’

    Could a contradancing gal fall for a club-going guy?

    David Phipps and Julia Doucett.

    JULIA DOUCETT: 23 / physical therapy aide

    First thing people notice in her home: Christmas lights

    Her perfect Saturday: Going out dancing at night


    DAVID PHIPPS: 24 / software engineer

    His interests: Playing with gadgets and living in a faux sci-fi environment

    His perfect Saturday: Going out dancing for hours



    Julia I chose a dress that made me feel confident and took off the chipped polish on my nails so I didn’t look like a slob.


    David [I] took a shower and threw on a blazer/shoes I wouldn’t wear to a dive bar. I was nervous as hell. I misjudged the distance and showed up early.

    Julia Unfortunately, he wasn’t my type. I hang out with fitness nuts, and I could tell he wasn’t one.

    David She’s cute. I think I’ve seen her face before, but I can’t place where.


    Julia He seemed nervous at first because he was talking really fast. We decided to split a bottle of red wine.

    David After the wine did its thing I became more comfortable, but I was still talking at about 100 words per minute.


    Julia He worked with artificial intelligence, which I thought was really cool.

    David She’s well traveled, hikes a ton, and aspires to be a physical therapist. We’re both a bit contrarian. If there’s something like Hamilton that everybody says is the best thing ever, we are against it out of principle. We’re also both atheists who love Christmas.

    Julia I ordered the gnocchi, which came highly recommended by our server. I definitely ate everything on my plate.

    David I ordered the tagliatelle and the blackberry plum crostata. I thought they were delicious and quite enjoyed them, but I’m not much of a food critic.

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    Julia He told me he had gone dancing at nightclubs almost every weekend of his life. I think he equated dancing at clubs with the social dancing I do: contradance, Latin dance, and swing. I realized we didn’t have enough in common to work. I’m not a clubber and never will be.

    David I asked her if she’s in the area much. She said she’s really busy this weekend, asked if I had a Facebook, and I kinda tripped over my words explaining how to find me there.

    Julia We said we’d look for each other on Facebook, and then I left and realized at no point had I learned his last name, so he would be impossible to find.

    David We both went for the hug.


    Julia We are too different, but I hope he finds someone who likes the night life.

    David Probably not, since neither of us has the means to contact each other, but I’d be open to it.


    Julia A for company; C for romance

    David B- My fault. I was pretty awkward throughout.

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