Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

Readers weigh in on a profile of Boston’s mayor, Marty Walsh.

Mayor Walsh is really a very talented person, and his welcome and protection towards the undocumented residents of Boston shows he has moral fiber [“The Making of Mayor Marty Walsh,” July 23]. His open arms to the Olympics (including attempts to suppress dissent by opponents), and his abrupt closing of Long Island made me think very poorly of him early on. Leaving homeless people literally out in the cold . . . was deeply shocking. But maybe he has found his stride now. And there are very important talents that have nothing to do with academic achievement.

Massachusetts citizen / posted on

It is refreshing to have a genuine person in the office of mayor.


Marty Glennon / Manchester, New Hampshire

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I’m not a Boston resident. If I were, I’d have voted for the “other guy.’’ But, sometimes people surprise. Certainly, Walsh has. He’s a good man, and a bigger man than I thought.

Aeroguy1 / posted on

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