Dinner with Cupid

Will their mutual dislike for cats lead to warm, fuzzy feelings?

They agree on a critical pet question, and the best way to prepare a steak.

Jake Shaver and Lauren Sampson.

JAKE SHAVER: 25 / project manager

On a desert island, he’d bring: Joe Biden, my Harambe sweater, a snorkel

What makes him a catch: He sends his entire phone book personal messages on their birthdays.


LAUREN SAMPSON: 24 / data analyst

On a desert island, she’d bring: Lobster rolls, a coloring book, and her pet gecko

What makes her a catch: She can do your taxes with TurboTax.



Jake I was a little nervous, but it wasn’t something that a few plays of “Africa” by Toto couldn’t calm down.


Lauren I watched as my roommate Facebook-stalked half the Jakes in Boston. I ended up early and was the only person there. I felt self-conscious sitting completely alone.

Jake Despite the Comm. Ave. bridge project, I managed to make it to the venue at exactly 7 p.m. She was a bit hipster, based on her glasses, the dress she wore (semi-floral), and an interesting tattoo of a cat face and breakfast sandwich on a bagel. Albeit not my usual type, I found her to be cute.

Lauren Shortly thereafter, Jake arrived. He was wearing a necklace.


Jake We discussed our jobs, where we went to school. I felt bad when I knew all the Claremont Colleges except the one she went to. I found it novel that she left Massachusetts to study in SoCal, whereas I left SoCal to study in Massachusetts.

Lauren The conversation turned to travel. Travel stories often come off as pretentious, but his were pretty perfect. Really interesting and engaging.


Jake We discovered our general disdain for cats; they’re just furry little Satans. She informed me that she had a pet gecko. Reptilians are pretty badass. I personally think she should’ve brought Patty to the date, could’ve made a great wingwoman.

Lauren We were both drawn to the steak. I asked how he liked his cooked — a real make or break question. He cautiously responded “medium rare” (the only acceptable answer).

Jake We thankfully agreed. Had she asked for well done I would’ve asked her firmly, yet politely, to please leave.

Lauren There was never a lull in conversation. But I didn’t feel any attraction [or]  tied to the interaction.


Jake She seemed fairly ambivalent toward hot dogs. As someone who firmly believes hot dogs are one of the greatest foods of all time, it would’ve been nice to have someone who shared in my zealotry.

Lauren We both had plans with friends after. He waited with me for my [ride].

Jake I got to finally inquire about the tattoo, and her explanation proved to be a pretty hilarious story, I have to admit.

Lauren He asked for my number and we parted ways.

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Jake I’m open to the idea.

Lauren I don’t think another is in the cards.


Jake / B+

Lauren / B+

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