Dinner with Cupid

‘We kept delaying our order while plotting what to eat’

Will their sophisticated palates draw them together?

Emily Milstein-Greengart and Stas Gayshan.

STAS GAYSHAN: 34 / entrepreneur

Notable qualities: Born in Uzbekistan, came to America as a refugee

When he is happiest: Eating the chocolate he brought home from foreign countries


EMILY MILSTEIN-GREENGART: 32 / program coordinator

Notable qualities: Works at sperm bank, so lots of interesting stories to share

Her ideal mate: Matt Bomer working in the helping field, such as law or science



Stas I signed up because I thought it would be an entertaining experience.


Emily My father reads the column every Sunday, so thought he would get a kick out of it (“Hi, Dad!”).

Stas My friend was having an oyster shucking party, and I stopped by.

Emily I painted my nails while watching House of Cards. Then got dressed and took an Uber over to the restaurant.

Stas I walked in; Emily was already sitting there. She smiled when she saw me.

Emily We had a slightly awkward handshake/hug, but he started chatting right away, which broke the ice. I like guys who are slightly taller with dark hair, so he definitely fit the bill. He also had nice eyes.



Stas We talked about what we did. Her current and previous jobs were fodder for some great stories.

Emily The waitress stopped by a few times before we were even ready to order drinks.

Stas We felt bad; we kept delaying our order while plotting what to eat. We agreed to order a lot of small plates and split them, my favorite way to order. We started with the caviar sandwich, the foie gras, and the lobster rangoons.

Emily Both of us are pretty obsessed with food, so we ordered seven dishes, plus dessert. We agreed the caviar sandwich was our favorite.

Stas I gave Emily a hard time for taking a photo of the food, but she was right, the presentation was beautiful and worth taking photos of.

Emily There was never a point where we didn’t have something to talk about. Even our shared religion mostly revolves around having big meals with family.

Stas From the beginning, Emily felt like someone I’d want to be friends with . . . and just friends.

Emily I was definitely attracted to his outgoing personality. It was interesting to hear that he was quieter as a kid; I would have never guessed that.


Stas There weren’t any deal breakers, but no deal makers either. We walked out together. I got her number and promised to stay in touch.

Emily We hugged goodbye and went our separate ways.

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Stas As friends? Sure.

Emily First dates are difficult to read, so I would be up for going out again.


Stas / A-

Emily / A    

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