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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘She reminded me of Audrey Tautou in the movie “Amelie” ’

    Will these two shrug off their age gap?

    Christine Doherty and Jason Lachapelle.

    JASON LACHAPELLE: 44 / video producer

    He’s looking for: Someone to have and raise children with

    His interests: Board member of Somerville Road Runners


    CHRISTINE DOHERTY: 33 / pediatric nurse

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    Her interests: Triathlete who loves to push to the next level

    Notable qualities: She’s family-oriented, loves to bake



    Jason I showed friends the picture I included with my application and they told me I looked like a serial killer.


    Christine I went for a swim and a run. I thought I could Google who my date was, but didn’t prove to be correct.

    Jason I got there first; she was brought to the table. She was extremely easy on the eyes — petite, slender, and fit.

    Christine He had a welcoming smile and seemed completely relaxed.


    Jason She immediately confessed to me that she’d “never done this before” and was clearly nervous. She reminded me of Audrey Tautou in the movie Amelie.

    Christine He mentioned that he went for a run, which opened up the conversation. I am a passionate runner who loves to hear where running has taken others.


    Jason She’s a nine-time Boston Marathon finisher. I knew I was talking to one tough woman. The waitress swooped in to help ordering wine. I was no help at all — James Bond, I am not.

    Christine We ordered the tomato caprese, which was lacking. The pasta alla vodka was delicious, minus the need for a breath mint afterward. For dessert, we went with the dolchino trio.

    Jason Neither of us is shy about sweets. I’m never sure how a woman will react to my admission that I make breads and pies. As her personality came out of hiding, she became adorably charming.

    Christine We had a steady conversation flowing throughout the meal.


    Jason At one point, she asked me, out of the blue, “How old are you?” and I had nothing clever prepared. If she was looking for a deal breaker, our age difference could be it.

    Christine He was 44, which is too old for me! I realized it wasn’t going to work.

    Jason The goal of a blind date is not to achieve chemistry, that’s far too much to ask of someone you’ve just met, but to find enough common ground to make a second date a foregone conclusion. I saw enough glimmers to know that given a chance, I’d find someone I could get close to.

    Christine He walked me to my car. As I watched him walk away, I closed my eyes and tried to picture him in my mind, but I couldn’t. I needed him to be memorable.


    Jason I had hoped so, but she told me on text she wasn’t interested.

    Christine I just didn’t feel any connection.


    Jason / A

    Christine / B   

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