Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘Everyone at the restaurant had been anticipating this date’

Will professing their mutual love of ice cream lead to a sweet romance — or stone cold rejection?

Mary McAteer and Alex Sneirson.

ALEX SNEIRSON: 23 / law student

On a desert island, he’d bring: A book of Plato’s texts, a surfboard

His perfect date: Go for a walk, grab an ice cream


MARY McATEER: 23/ teacher /grad student

When she is happiest: Sitting on the bow of my parents’ boat

Her perfect date: Walk along the breakaway and finish the night with gourmet popsicles



Alex I was helping run orientation for the first-year law students, so I didn’t have a lot of time that day.

Mary I went to spin class and then my friend came over to iron my dress and split a bottle of wine. I was calm until I found out everyone at the restaurant had been anticipating this date.


Alex I saw a hostess talking to a girl sitting alone. When a waitress sat me down at a table near Mary’s, I waited a moment and introduced myself.

Mary Alex got sat at a different table. The table mix-up was actually a nice introduction.

Alex She looked nice. She had a cute dress on.

Mary He was wearing khakis and a polo. Not gonna lie, I was digging the khakis. Also, he looked taller than me, so that was a win in my book.

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Alex I was wearing a Suffolk Law polo. She asked me about it, and I told her about orientation. We laughed about some of the questions I was asked, like: “Do I have a life outside school?”


Mary We started talking about my job and I kept referring to my students as my “kids.” Thank god we cleared that one up — he was sweating.

Alex I was caught off guard for a minute. Turns out she’s a teacher! Ha-ha. Anyway, she loves the ocean and twisted soft-serve ice cream.

Mary We ordered calamari and their fried potatoes appetizer. The food was good. They gave us dessert on the house, a nice gesture. We’re both big ice cream people, so we were kind of disappointed with the dessert the restaurant had.

Alex We didn’t like the complimentary dessert. We like ice cream.

Mary We were both pretty comfortable from the beginning, and the conversations just kept on rolling from there.


Alex Suffolk Law was hosting a party, and it seemed like the natural place to go.

Mary He had mentioned there was a party happening and we thought it would be fun to check out.

Alex She’s easygoing and fun to hang out with. We got along well.

Mary When we decided to call it a night, we exchanged numbers.


Alex Yes. She has a boat, so I’m hoping to go on it before summer’s over.

Mary Yeah, it went really well, and I could always use another lawyer.


Alex / A+

Mary / A+

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