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    Dinner with Cupid

    ‘I’d convinced myself that I had no expectations’ on this blind date

    Will low expectations lead to great results?

    Alex Stein and Jamie Fonarev.

    ALEX STEIN: 23 / information technology

    On a desert island, he’d bring: Several pinball machines

    His interests: Horror movies, amusement parks, the Patriots


    JAMIE FONAREV: 21 / economics student

    Her interests: Russian culture, movies, swing dancing

    Her perfect mate: Dave Franco as an architect



    Alex I was more anxious than anything, didn’t know what to expect.

    Jamie I’d convinced myself that I had no expectations, so I wasn’t really nervous. I took some care putting on my makeup and headed out.


    Alex I was early and she was five minutes late but I didn’t mind. I knew it was her when she was walking over. I was impressed. Jamie was really attractive, and her outfit was fantastic. She had a great smile and amazing eyes.

    Jamie I was flustered after being late. But what I did see was the beard (not always my favorite) and a very well-dressed tallish guy. I jokingly proposed getting a very girly mixed drink and we decided to both try it out; it was very yummy.


    Alex She was really into marketing analytics and was really smart (even if she didn’t say she was).

    Jamie He had a very interesting career path so far, an education in psychology and criminal behavior, and his dream is to work for the FBI as a modern-day Sherlock Holmes.

    Alex She was graduating early and had two job offers and was trying to decide which to take. She was doing her senior thesis on Russian Jewish refugees; she had parents from Ukraine and was fluent in Russian, her first language. I wouldn’t have known otherwise since her accent and English were perfect.


    Jamie We talked a bit about both being Jewish, going to Israel, and spirituality.

    Alex It was cool to hear about her experience living there as opposed to my trip of two weeks.

    Jamie At first it seemed we didn’t have much in common. After the first couple questions, we found we’re both huge movie buffs. We like some of the same directors, and I definitely approve of his taste (even though I hadn’t seen some of his favorites).

    Alex We both were really into Tarantino and the Coen Brothers.

    Jamie We shared fried calamari and a Caesar salad. Then I had pesto gnocchi and he had chicken parm.

    Alex The food was excellent. I would definitely go back.

    Jamie The food came slowly, but they may have been giving us time to talk.

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    Alex I thought there was mutual interest.

    Jamie He isn’t exactly my type (which isn’t all that bad). I definitely thought: I am really enjoying this conversation.

    Alex We exchanged numbers and discussed a second date. A kiss didn’t seem right.

    Jamie We hugged; it was just the littlest bit awkward.


    Alex I hope so. We have enough in common to see where it goes.

    Jamie I wouldn’t be opposed.


    Alex / A-

    Jamie / B+

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