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Readers weigh in on our cover story about the Pilgrim nuclear plant in Plymouth and an essay on encouraging kids to read.


Thanks to Kathryn Miles (“Pilgrim’s Half-Life,” August 27) for this first-class job of reporting, and to Diane Turco for initiating the adventure that stimulated the article. As one of the 93,000 people living within the 10-mile evacuation zone of Pilgrim, I am horrified by all I have learned about the lax safety culture at this aging plant. Sadly, most people don’t want to know the details of what goes on there — it’s too scary. But until we the people wake up to the serious danger it presents — not just for those of us in the 10-mile zone but for the nearly 5 million people within the 50-mile radius — nothing will change.

Henrietta Cosentino / Plymouth

Pilgrim closing will be a huge loss to our non carbon base load in Massachusetts. What will replace it?


tsynchronous / posted on


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Alison Lobron’s essay (“Let’s Stop Teaching Kids Reading Is Boring,” August 27) implies that the only written product in existence is novels, and that only fiction can be “fun.” May I suggest that a nonfiction book can be fun and rewarding?

Martin Goshgarian / Somerville

This is such a timely reminder as we live in a world where social media vies for our attention and takes away from the “stamina” required to attend to the beauty of the written word. I wholeheartedly agree with the author’s suggestion that local libraries find new and creative ways to “hook” our children back on reading.

Susan Kimball / Amesbury


I had a teacher [who] said it wasn’t important what you read, but that you continuously read — be it books, periodicals or the newspaper. Maybe if summer reading programs promoted all types of reading, not just library books, students would be much more engaged. Even online reading, like I am doing right now!

Ruckus1 / posted on

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