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Readers weigh in on the Your Home issue, Ken Burns’s new Vietnam documentary, Charlie Baker’s politics, and more.


The five featured stories (“Your Home: Making Room,” September 10) were likely eye candy for many. But I was disappointed. Where is the story featuring a middle-income family, like mine in West Roxbury? Or an East Boston family? I suspect many Globe readers would like to see people like us in a feature like this. We may have fewer resources, but we too have growing, changing needs.

Katie Lee Crane / West Roxbury


. . . . TV series like this [“Vietnam Gets the Ken Burns Treatment,” September 10] matter, because there are people who see history on TV and the movies and take it as gospel. The goal should be to tell the truth as best they can, not contrive a new version of history that we can all feel good about.


gangtey / posted on

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The lyric in the article, “But nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong,” is from the Buffalo Springfield song “For What It’s Worth,” a reference to the Sunset Strip riots of the mid-1960s, not the war in Vietnam. Although the song did lend itself very easily to the antiwar movement.

Marc Adrien / Lynn


Dave Denison wants Charlie Baker to join the chorus of bloviating politicians and columnists who scream anti-Trump messages into the wind (“Charlie Baker Needs to Tell the GOP Where to Go,” September 10). That part of the political spectrum is pretty well staffed and doesn’t really need one more. One of the reasons Baker holds a 70 percent approval rating is that he has not been that brand of politician. We finally have a governor who seems to look at his job as being governor, rather than a prop for some grander conquest. He is working for Massachusetts and would do the state no favors by further antagonizing the folks who hand out our federal dollars.

Joe Tarbell / Walpole


Unfortunately there’s no room in either party any more for moderates — and most Americans are somewhere in the middle. I follow Susan Collins on [Facebook] and have been stunned at the nasty invective thrown her way. Unless you’re willing to move in lockstep with people like McConnell and Ryan, you’re not viewed as a Republican. And it’s a shame — we need more bridge builders.

Pollepel / posted on

If Governor Baker has managed to fix Bridgewater State Hospital, he has earned his keep on this planet. It doesn’t mean he can charge in and fix the Republican Party. I encourage you to take a deep breath, relax, and let Baker choose his own pace and goals.

Ann C. Somers / Brookline

Charlie Baker has successfully figured out how to navigate a world of left-wing zealots locally and right-wing zealots nationally to create a drama-free and generally effective administration focusing on matters relevant to Massachusetts. He acts in the state’s best interest, and knows how to add AND subtract. Who is anybody to tell him what he should and should not do?


EpsteinsMother / posted on


Thanks, Miss Conduct, for the smile you gifted me with today with your advice for breaking up with a treasured hairdresser (September 10). A warm, wise, witty column! Just what I needed while worrying about my sister recovering from surgery in the middle of a hurricane. If only our greatest worry were hair slightly tangled in a breeze.

Mary Birnbaum / Jamaica Plain

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