Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘She told me about some cool neuroscience she was doing’

Will these young scientists have any chemistry?

Anissa Sridhar and James Mullahoo
Anissa Sridhar and James Mullahoo

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JAMES MULLAHOO: 22 / research associate

Last thing he read: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

On a desert island, he’d bring: His saxophone

ANISSA SRIDHAR: 22 / research assistant

On a desert island, she’d bring: Music, sleep mask, dark chocolate

Her hobbies: Boxing, field hockey



James: I did some pull-ups, and then [had] my roommates judge my outfit.

Anissa: My friend came over to help me get ready. I was fashionably late.


James: She was very attractive, athletic, well put together with a nice jacket and a cute blouse. When I stood up to introduce myself, I realized I was a lot taller than her, but that’s pretty normal.

Anissa: He was tall, slender and kind of cute in a boyish way but it was difficult to tell with his glasses on.


James: She told me about some cool neuroscience she was doing. As soon as she started talking about her work, I was confident that I was at least going to have a good time, she was well spoken and interesting, on top of being beautiful.

Anissa: We are both research assistants at MIT so we talked about the research we were doing. He was a chemistry major and would like to pursue a PhD.

James: Eventually we worked into extracurricular activities, favorite TV shows and movies, some political discussion, family, travel. We covered a pretty substantial amount of material.

Anissa: He performs in musical theater productions and was also a member of an a cappella group in college. We both played the saxophone, both like watching NFL football and Lord of The Rings.

James: Each of us got a drink, and [we] split some vegetable crudites, poutine, deer, and a hazelnut dessert.


Anissa: We enjoyed a delicious cheese platter afterward. I am a big fan of Nutella so I thought the hazelnut cake was really good.

James: The conversation flowed well, and we lost track of time during the evening. She had a really beautiful, genuine smile.

Anissa: Finding out he wasn’t an athlete was a bit of a deal breaker, because it was a big part of my life; I would like to have someone who had a similar experience.


James: We chatted outside while we waited for her ride. We exchanged numbers and hugged. The hug was more genuine than the initial, “nice to meet you” hug.

Anissa: I enjoyed talking to him but I didn’t feel anything romantic. The things we didn’t have in common were more important than I initially figured.


James: I would certainly not say no to another chance.

Anissa: I don’t think [so].


James: A

Anissa: B+

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