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    Dinner With Cupid

    Blind date: ‘I immediately thought, “Yep. She’s way out of my league” ’

    Will these daters fly high or crash and burn?

    Dan Reed and Vicky Wong.

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    DAN REED: 34 / data scientist

    What makes him a catch?: Successful, reliable, responsible, and easygoing

    His exes would say: He makes too many puns.


    VICKY WONG: 30 / medical technician

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    What makes her a catch?: Big heart and good listener

    Her interests: Love outdoors, running, hiking, working out



    Dan: I had a drink at a bar next to the restaurant. I was a bit nervous.


    Vicky: [I] went to Whole Foods and shopped. I love food, so I was hungry. The hostess brought me to the table.

    Dan: I immediately thought, “Yep. She’s way out of my league.”

    Vicky: He seemed nervous.


    Dan: We talked about careers, life choices, and core philosophies. It’s interesting how much you’re willing to share with someone when the situation is romantic. Things you wouldn’t normally discuss lose their taboo.

    Vicky: He asked me a lot of questions about life. [I discovered] that he was adopted. There was a lot of discussion about his experiences being adopted.


    Dan: The server came by to take our drink orders, but she said she doesn’t drink. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, so I went with root beer. We split the pork belly and the duck egg ravioli. For a main course, I had the orecchiette. As an added bonus from the evening, I now know how to pronounce “orecchiette.”

    Vicky: The food was really good.

    Dan: We’re both natural introverts who have learned how to function in an extrovert’s world. We also have backgrounds in research. There were times we abruptly switched topics, but I felt the conversation went well.

    Vicky: We had nothing in common.

    Dan: After the main course, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. My logic was that if she wanted to escape, it would give her time to think of a reason. I half expected to come back and have her say, “Oh, I forgot I left my car on fire — sorry, gotta go!” But she didn’t, and we moved on to dessert. So I hope she wasn’t having a terrible time.

    Vicky: It seemed like this was dragged out for three hours.


    Dan: Unfortunately, I don’t think there was any chemistry. We didn’t crash and burn; we basically taxied around the runway and then just decided to deplane and go home. We left the restaurant. She put out her arm, and we shook hands. If my memory of rom coms is any indication, not a good sign. I walked back to Boston Common, reflecting on the experience.

    Vicky: [I] wished him luck with his life and [we] went our separate ways.


    Dan: I would, but I don’t think it’s in the cards.

    Vicky: No.


    Dan: / A

    Vicky: / C-

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