Blind date: ‘Our faith and spirituality was a significant commonality’

Will religious compatibility spark a romantic connection?

Tempe Staples and David Stack.

Compiled by Melissa Schorr 

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TEMPE STAPLES: 23 / conservation coordinator

Her interests: Vegan desserts, craft nights, spiritual health

Last thing she read: Healing Herbal Teas


DAVID STACK: 22 / ecological contractor

His perfect mate: A missionary who provides clean drinking water to places that don’t have access

On a desert island, he’d bring: Bible, friends, spikeball



Tempe I am trying to live in the moment.


David Honestly, it was mostly [for] the free dinner. I also love meeting people.

Tempe I spent the afternoon with my best friend.

David I showered, jammed out to some tunes. I was excited! I had a sense anyone willing to go on a blind date would know how to have a good time.

Tempe David was brought over to our table. My immediate impression was: put together; warm smile; kind eyes.

David Tempe is pretty. She has stunning features (particularly her hair). I also was pleasantly surprised by how tall she was.


Tempe He was easy to converse with. We talked about what we were like in college, trying to “figure life out” now that we were out of school. We’re both in the environmental field, from different angles.


David Tempe had a very different college experience from me; she triple majored and still graduated a semester early.

Tempe Our faith and spirituality was a significant commonality. He was very inquisitive, and I found myself flustered at how ill-prepared I was to provide thoughtful answers.

David I learned that she loves being outdoors, Taylor Swift (she doesn’t like to admit it), and that she did interpretive dance growing up, which is as amazing as what you’re picturing. I thought, Anyone willing to do something that ridiculous for that long and share about [it] in a joking way must be pretty cool.

Tempe I got the dragon sushi roll which was sooooo good. I would come back.

David We split an avocado toast appetizer. I ordered salmon. Then we split a lava cake dessert that was bomb.

Tempe I could tell he was a solid and honest guy. I didn’t feel butterflies in the stomach, and I didn’t get the vibe he felt that way either.

David I didn’t necessarily feel chemistry, but I can be oblivious to that.


Tempe I had an absurdly early bus to catch to NYC the next morning, so we called it a night. My mind was wandering, but I tried to keep present.

David My friend was having a party that night, so part of me wanted to head to that as I sensed the date wrapping up. We hugged and exchanged numbers.


Tempe If anything, I’d hang out as friends for sure.

David I think there’s potential. I wouldn’t mind getting to know Tempe better.


Tempe / A-

David / A

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