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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘I knew I was going to get teased for [the] crayons’

    Will being caught with crayons at the restaurant be a mark against him?

    Tara Greeley and Alex Johnson.

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    ALEX JOHNSON: 27 / developer/designer

    On a desert island, he’d bring: Mechanical pencils, notebooks, Photoshop

    Notable qualities: Enthusiasm and optimism


    TARA GREELEY: 27 / nonprofit development manager

    When she is happiest: Playing sports or dancing

    Her exes say: She’s a caring person.



    Alex Imagine telling your kids “We met through the newspaper.” First, you would have to explain what a newspaper was, but it would make a great story.


    Tara I was open to the new experience. I love meeting new people!

    Alex I didn’t see her when I arrived — I got to chatting with a family getting crayons and coloring books with dinner. I was left with a handful.

    Tara Alex came up and asked if I was Tara! He had a nice smile and was tall.

    Alex She had a wonderful color of red-orange hair. I was embarrassed. I knew I was going to get teased for [the] crayons.

    Tara [It] was playful but we were in a lounge, and it wasn’t really appropriate.



    Alex After chatting about crayons, we got to the “standard” questions. Tara was passionate about her work at a camp for children who had been impacted by terrorism. It seemed to connect her passions — people, traveling, and sports.

    Tara Alex is well traveled. I was interested in hearing about his month of camping on the beaches of Greece. We each have dual citizenship in different countries!

    Alex We received a “fall season’’ appetizer containing goat cheese, and squash.

    Tara Alex ordered for us without asking me and squash usually isn’t my thing. What if I had an allergy or didn’t like it? It ended up being ridiculously good — so I guess it all worked out.

    Alex While we didn’t overlap in many passions, conversation flowed. I’m sure I rambled on about a time I slept in a tent.

    Tara I didn’t pick up on his humor a couple of times, so I don’t think [it] landed as well as he had hoped.


    Alex Though Tara seemed good-hearted, we hadn’t discovered a shared passion. Talk to me about backpacking, photography, biking, Frisbee, tech, or Thai food and you’ll have my attention.

    Tara He is cool; I just don’t think particularly my type. We have opposite taste in music and he made a comment about me being on a dance team that I didn’t care for. The important things like family, education were all there though!

    Alex We paid, thanked the waiter, and shared restaurant recommendations while Tara waited for her Uber.

    Tara We hugged it out.

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    Alex While the conversation was lovely, I don’t think so.

    Tara I think it would be best to spend time meeting someone we connect with.


    Alex / B-

    Tara / B-


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