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Readers weigh in on our Women & Power issue.


As a mother, I did not find this article helpful at all (“Beyond Work-Life Balance,” October 29). It’s not a difficult [idea] to wrap your head around that high-powered women can hire nannies and then succeed at work. A more difficult/interesting article would be about how low-waged workers do it and how being a mom helped them succeed in the workplace.

backbaybrian / posted on

So much emphasis is placed on how children negatively impact your career, it’s a nice change of pace to consider how they may actually improve your management skills, for example. I also appreciated the description of Miki Simon’s company, because reentry into the workforce after staying home to take care of children or elderly parents is a real challenge, and one that disproportionately affects women.


rafibomb / posted on


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Personally, I’d rather hear less about “female venture capitalists moving in” (“4 Reasons to Be Optimistic About Women in Technology,” October 29) and more about middle school girls moving on to the math team.

NatMorton / posted on

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