Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘We ended up doing the Japanese cube personality test’

Do their personality quiz results mesh?

Dani Burford and Sua Morales

DANI BURFORD: 23 / marketing

What makes her a catch: Her sarcastic charm with good taste in beer

Her hobbies: Writing, hiking, and going on random drives


SUA MORALES: 24 / software engineer

Last thing he read: Between the World and Me

What makes him a catch: He’s nerdy but good with people.



Dani I had wine with my roommates while [I] decided what to wear.

Sua A co-worker had a rough week, so we spent some time talking.


Dani We ended up walking in at the same time. I told the hostess I was on a blind date and [Sua] responded, “That would be with me.” It was pretty funny.

Sua She was pretty. I immediately noticed the tattoo on her left wrist, and made a note to ask her about it.


Dani He was cute! Sua has a really great smile. We chatted before ordering drinks. We were asking each other silly questions that helped us get to know each other. We ended up doing the Japanese cube personality test.

Sua She was open and easy to talk to. I discovered she’s definitely the adventurous type and has a penchant for traveling. Her dream car is a 1968 California Special Mustang.

Dani We are both from Southern California, but moved here and fell in love with Boston. He likes shellfish, which I’m allergic to. Not sure if that’s a deal breaker.


Sua She mentioned that besides shellfish [she] was up to try anything. I love new foods, so this was a good sign.

Dani We ordered small plates to share. Everything was amazing! My favorite was the chocolate lavender pot de creme, easily one of the best things I’ve eaten.

Sua We started with the tuna, then parsley salad with bacon bits. Delicious.


Dani Sua used my name a lot throughout the night. He seemed really engaged.

Sua I’m definitely the nerdier type and I didn’t get that vibe from her. She mentioned how she never read much growing up. Reading is a big part of my identity. It might be hard to connect with someone that didn’t share that.

Dani We stayed until it closed.

Sua I would have been happy to leave sooner. It was a long week, I was tired.

Dani We exchanged numbers. It was a really nice end to a good date.

Sua I asked what way she was headed to avoid any awkwardness in case we were going to be walking the same way.

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Dani Yeah, I would.

Sua I do not [think so]. I don’t think our personalities aligned. She was the type to relish getting to discover her direction in her life, while I find people who have a pointed purpose profoundly attractive.


Dani / A

Sua / B+  


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