Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘He stood up when he saw me arrive. I love manners!’

Tired of swiping right, she wonders whether Cupid can do a better job than the dating apps.

Clint Broderick and Mallory Johnson.

CLINT BRODERICK 25 / higher education

What makes him a catch: He’s the perfect wedding date.

His interests: He volunteers for Big Brother.


MALLORY JOHNSON 24 /special educator

What makes her a catch? She has a big heart.

Her hobbies: She volunteers at a special needs camp.



Clint My friends pushed me to do it, but I figured it would be a fun experience.


Mallory I’m a 24-year-old with an old soul. I’m looking to find someone with shared interests, based off more than swiping right or left.

Clint I was hanging out with my roommate talking about what to expect.

Mallory My friend gave me words of encouragement. I showed up before 7. He was already sitting in the booth.

Clint I thought she was really cute with a good sense of style.

Mallory He was dressed really well, which is important to me. He had a nice smile, and he stood up when he saw me arrive. I love manners!



Clint We both went to the same grad school and work in education. I learned why she decided to become a teacher. Overall we shared a lot of similar interests and viewpoints.

Mallory We shared a lot of the same philosophies about the grad school experience. We seemed really in synch. I was astonished about how many commonalities we shared, in regards to politics, education, TV, and music.

Clint I had the chicken enchiladas. The margaritas were also amazing. The restaurant was a great choice.

Mallory I ordered chicken tacos. Definitely 10/10. We had the guacamole made in front of us, which I love!

Clint Our conversation seemed to flow, so it was a natural progression toward realizing that I was interested in her.

Mallory As the night went on, he opened up more. Once we realized how much we had in common, I felt like I was talking to someone I had known for a long time.


Clint After the meal we had another round of drinks, which was a nice way to extend the date.

Mallory We exchanged phone numbers, and he walked me to my car. He was a real gentleman, which, unfortunately, is not something I’m used to in today’s generation of online dating apps.

Clint It came to a natural end point. By the end of the night, I definitely was interested in seeing her again.

Mallory We hugged goodbye, and he said he would text me soon.

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Clint We are trying to set something up!

Mallory I can’t dismiss someone I share so many similarities with.


Clint / A

Mallory / B     

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