Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘I was hurt that some guy who didn’t even know me was blowing me off’

Will a seating mix-up at the restaurant derail this date?

Holbrook Phelan and Neil Mechlin.
Holbrook Phelan and Neil Mechlin.

NEIL MECHLIN: 24 / civil engineer

When he is happiest: Chillin’ above the treeline

What makes him a catch? He’s that well-rounded guy your mother wants you to find

HOLBROOK PHELAN: 23 / engineer

Her exes say: She’s down for a good laugh and can light up a room

Her perfect mate: A structural engineer who designs log cabins



Neil I thought it would be an interesting experience.

Holbrook The thought of a truly blind date was wild to me, in today’s day and age. I took a quick power nap, texted my roommate, blasted Katy Perry’s “Roar” on repeat in the car and headed over.


Neil Due to some miscommunication with the hostess, we both sat in the restaurant for 20 minutes, both worried we were getting stood up.

Holbrook I was hurt that some guy who didn’t even know me was blowing me off. But it all worked out, just a minor miscommunication.

Neil The hostess (after realizing her mistake) brought me to the table. [Holbrook] had a pretty face and an even cuter smile.

Holbrook He was tall, dark, handsome, wearing a nice, plaid button-down shirt.


Neil We talked about the mishap, and then work and what we like to do for fun.

Holbrook We are Massholes through and through — we both grew up, went to school in Massachusetts, and now work in Boston. I can see why [Cupid] paired us.

Neil I had pasta with Bolognese sauce. We agreed our plates were top-notch.

Holbrook The duck confit poutine was SO good. (I wanted the whole thing to myself.) The salmon was amazing, too. I would have it as a death row meal.

Neil I was nervous and talking fast in the beginning. I talked about the dumb [stuff] me and my friends would do in high school. She didn’t seem to relate.


Holbrook I don’t think he got my humor, I can be sarcastic. We spent a LONG time talking about video games. Neil is really into [them]. I didn’t know how to relate.


Neil I would’ve liked to have kept the evening going.

Holbrook He wanted another drink so we stayed. Figured I would ride it out.

Neil I paid the tab and we said goodbye outside. We agreed to do this again.

Holbrook I asked him for his number. I wasn’t sure if he was going to ask for mine, so I made the move.


Neil I’d be open. We’ll see.

Holbrook He hasn’t texted me, but to be fair, I haven’t texted him either. Not convinced he’ll reach out, especially after he reads this . . .


Neil A-

Holbrook A-

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