Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: Will two gluten-free daters add up to one sweet match?

Ordering is easier when you’re following the same diet.

Stephanie Cortina and John Caveney.

JOHN CAVENEY: 28 / architect

Last thing he read: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

What makes him a catch: Red Sox season ticket holder, great listener, well-dressed


STEPHANIE CORTINA: 27 / account manager

What makes her a catch: Driven, ambitious, makes a killer Spotify playlist

Her perfect mate: Would be a successful architect



John My dad sends out the Cupid column every Sunday in our family group chat. My siblings had a good laugh signing me up without me knowing.


Stephanie My co-workers entered me, and I didn’t want all their hard work to go to waste.

John I sent a photo to my sister for final review of my outfit. After a few audibles, we were good to go.

Stephanie I grabbed an after-work drink with co-workers.

John I arrived early and Stephanie was right on time. Stephanie was very attractive. Good job, Cupid.

Stephanie I was late, per usual. I think we shook hands or awkwardly hugged  — I honestly can’t remember. Tall, dark features, well dressed.



John We both have celiac disease! Which I suspect is why we were set up. Ordering tapas was a breeze. Also, her dad is an architect and designed the home she grew up in. We were able to geek out on Frank Lloyd Wright and museums.

Stephanie I learned that he was an architect and was also gluten free! We talked about everything; our families, our hobbies, music/TV shows, and travel.

John For drinks we started with a mezcal drink called “The Bad Boy.” Obviously I had something to prove . . . . We ordered chicken skewers, fried plantains, sauteed wild mushrooms, and grilled butternut squash. It was all delicious.

Stephanie We got a free cheese plate!

John When she showed me one of her Spotify playlists and it had Paul Simon, “You Can Call Me Al,” I knew this was going to work. That was my holiday jam.

Stephanie We were both having a good time and got another drink after dinner at a bar next to the restaurant. I was excited to learn more about him.


John After a mediocre espresso martini, we decided to call it a night. Stephanie lives close to the restaurant so I walked her home.

Stephanie He got my number, then joked about what the tagline was going to be for our write-up.

John I went in for a goodnight kiss.

Stephanie We definitely had sparks.

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John Stephanie is making me a personal Spotify playlist so I believe it is in the cards.

Stephanie I would be down.


John / A

Stephanie / A+

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