Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: Will pulses race when two nurses meet?

They had lots in common. Will the results of their date be positive?

Ben Dalton and Brigid Perry.

BRIGID PERRY 25 / psychiatric nurse

Her perfect Saturday: A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and cuddles

Notable qualities: Appreciates salt-of-the-earth as opposed to bougie people


BEN DALTON 25 / registered nurse

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His perfect Saturday: A big breakfast with coffee and eggs

When he is happiest: On the summit of a mountain



Brigid A friend at work coerced me into signing up. I was oddly nervous and had low expectations (no offense, Ben), but knew worst-case scenario, I’d get a free dinner.


Ben Co-workers thought it would be fun if I got chosen.

Brigid I went shopping to waste time after work. Can’t go wrong at Urban Outfitters.

Ben I did everything I normally do to prepare for a date: clean myself up and put on nice clothes.

Brigid The hostess brought me to the table and Ben was waiting. I saw him and was relieved he was cute.

Ben My first thought was that she was pretty.



Brigid We’re both nurses and come from big families. The conversation flowed from there. We had mutual friends that he went to nursing school with.

Ben We seemed to have a lot in common. We both work in nursing and went to school in Boston so naturally there was a lot to talk about.

Brigid We covered the basics, like cool vacations, and bonded over Netflix go-to’s. The usual 21st-century stuff.

Ben I discovered her future goals and what she likes to do in her time off. She used to do kick boxing, and I do boxing myself, so that made for a good connection.

Brigid It was a tapas restaurant, which required some collaboration on our part.

Ben We ordered a meat and cheese plate, skirt steak, and potatoes. The food was great, and the service was, too.

Brigid We were both talkative and social, so it was easy to make conversation. There weren’t sparks flying but we definitely had a few laughs.

Ben She was a very nice girl, attractive, and I could see her as a close friend. I did get the feeling early on that we could be friends in the future but nothing more.


Brigid Dinner ended naturally. I had already made plans to meet up with friends and he was headed home. We exchanged numbers and discussed plans for the night/weekend.

Ben We gave each other a hug and each went our separate ways.


Brigid Who knows.

Ben I do not see us going out again. Unfortunately I did not feel any chemistry.


Brigid / B+

Ben / A

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