Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘He mentioned his accordion and that kicked things off’

Will an accordionist and an electric bass player be in tune with each other?

Aysia Rodriguez and Justin Pires.

JUSTIN PIRES 23 / law student

His hobbies: Playing the accordion, writing music

On a desert island, he’s bring: His sister, Spotify, access to soccer matches


AYSIA RODRIGUEZ 23 / nonprofit manager

Her hobbies: Electric bass, poetry readings, painting

On a desert island, she’d bring: A trampoline, Spotify, and a body pillow



Justin I was born ready. I had a double shot of Hennessy, and made my way out the door.

Aysia I listened to “Vogue” and did a couple laps around the Common.


Justin The waiter showed her to the table. Seeing she is named after a big continent, I had big expectations. She exceeded them all. Well done, Aysia.

Aysia He was wearing a polo and a tan sweater.

Justin She warned me she was a “lightweight;” so naturally, she ordered whiskey.

Aysia I was convinced we weren’t going to have anything in common but then he mentioned his accordion and that kicked things off. We found out that music was pretty central to our lives.


Justin I felt comfortable from the start. She was super easy going and gave off good vibes. She and I were both in bands, we both were in AmeriCorps.


Aysia We got to talking about how we branched off into other careers. From there, the conversation floated between everything from politics to worst dates.

Justin We exchanged horror stories. On her worst date, they stayed in and watched a movie. At one point, he rested his head on her shoulder. Suddenly, she started to feel his body slouching against her and then he passed out.

Aysia We ended up having a great time! He was good about making sure I felt comfortable.

Justin She ordered an awesome chicken dish, while I wallowed in self-pity at the poor excuse of a salmon dish that was placed in front of me. She clearly has better judgment. The food was great, my portion was just extremely small.

Aysia I got the chicken Milanese with an andorra sour. The drink was yummy.


Justin I walked her to the train station and she got on the Red Line. Sorry to disappoint your wild imaginations.

Aysia I didn’t mind the company. I was upfront that I enjoyed the night but didn’t feel a spark. He seemed understanding.

Justin We exchanged a good night hug. I have been working on my pecs, so I made sure to flex extra hard on that one.

Aysia We wished each other well.

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Justin No. But for all you single men out there, I totally recommend.

Aysia I don’t see another in the future.


Justin / A+

Aysia / A

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