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Kate Fussner’s wonderful piece (“From Paper to Pixels, Love,” January 14) was relatable, tender and well written. My wife and I have been together for almost 38 years. Different childhoods and backgrounds, but we both identified with Kate’s message about the importance of sending love, news, and encouragement. Once again, a Connections essay did just that . . . connected us. She has made two hearts smile, and that’s what it’s all about.

Kate Tyndall / Lowell



The cooking column in the January 14 Globe Magazine (“Stew Essentials”) was excellent for me. I am a 92-year-old man who has been learning to cook. It solidified what I knew and made clear some of what I had been doing but did not feel confident about.

Walt Hagenbuch / Dorchester

Editor’s Note: This Cooking column focused on technique; we published an accompanying recipe on our website. If you couldn’t access or print Adam Ried’s “Belgian Beef and Onion Stew with Beer” recipe, please contact us at or at the postal address at the end of this page, and we’ll gladly e-mail or mail it to you. In the next technique column, we’ll print the recipe, too.


I love this show and the character Pete [Holmes] plays (“ComicVoyage” January 21). Never lose that sweetness! It’s so refreshing to see a portrayal of someone who can still be funny without being hopelessly jaded or completely uninhibited and exhibitionist.

DebbieRx / posted on


Even though I’m more of a secularist than a believer, Pete Holmes is the sort of evangelical Christian I would not mind having a cup of coffee with.

Februaryborn / posted on This article gave me a “sinking” feeling. I graduated from Barrington College, an evangelical school now merged with Gordon College. To me, Holmes has temporarily lost his spiritual bearings. The Bible uses a term called “the world” to describe the tantalizing attractions of fame, money and whatever feels good. My prayer for him is that he returns soon to his love of Jesus.

Len Marcy / Berkley

I’m glad he finds comfort and a home in the evangelical world. I’m always envious of faith.

FransBevy / posted on


Laine Hammer @lainehammer @peteholmes is great and all — loved the article @neilswidey, but what I really got out of this is that @VforVagilante and @REALgirlEmpower are doing amazing work for young women everywhere.


Ethan Merrick @West_Archer_Ave Thank you for writing about such a wonderful goofy-goober.

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